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Jane and Michael are surprised by Catalina's arrival at their house. She tells them about her exciting life, and Jane eats it all up. Catalina urges Jane to be become friends with a woman, Alice, who can get her in with the job she wants. While out at a bar going to meet Alice and her friends, Michael hates the fact that Catalina's presence makes Jane question herself and their life together. To prove he's not boring, Michael gets on stage and sings a Bruno Mars song to Jane. She joins him on stage. Afterward, Jane and Michael adopt a cat.

While getting a drink with Catalina, Rafael shows up and hits it off with Jane's cousin. Jane feels uncomfortable, which makes Michael think she's jealous. When Rafael tells Jane he plans to ask out Catalina, she shuts him down. However, after her night singing with Michael, Jane gives them her blessing. Rafael and Catalina spend the night together.

Alba is uncomfortable with Catalina's arrival. However, she agrees to dinner so she can get to know her. Everything goes well until Catalina mentions how her grandmother loved Mateo first. This shocks Alba, and she leaves. Alba and Jane make up, but Alba says she doesn't trust Catalina.

Rafael and Scott team up behind Petra's back. Scott tells Petra he is going to sue her for sexual harassment, so she goes to Rafael for help. In return for his help, she agrees to give him back his shares. Later, Scott tells Rafael he now owes him a favor.

Rogelio helps Xo find a dance studio. Rogelio still loves her, and gets nervous when Xo explains her ex-boyfriend, Bruce, works right by the dance studio. Xo plans to tell him off, but she ends up kissing him just as Rogelio comes to tell Xo how he feels. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Petra: So let me be unequivocal. We are never ever getting back together. Ever.
Scott: You don't have to throw our song in my face.

Here's what I don't understand... how you were married to me, said you loved me, then slept with my sister and worked along side her for months without ever realizing it wasn't me.