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Jane convinces Alba to allow her to read the letters from her estranged sister. She ends up making contact with one of her cousins, which infuriates Alba. Alba doesn't want to speak with her, but Xo helps Jane realize that she can't always get her grandmother's approval. They reach an understanding, but Jane is shocked when she finds her cousin, Catalina, on her doorstep.

Michael attempts to bond with Rafael at the gym, but instead tells Jane he thinks Rafael is sleeping with a married woman when he misreads a situation. Rogelio tries to intervene by forcing the two of them on a ride along. When the car gets a flat tire, the two men bicker until they think they've lost Mateo. He is found almost immediately, but the men come to an understanding. They apologize for the various issues between them.

Jane and Rafael consider the possibility that Anezka has been impersonating Petra. When Rafael confronts her, she is unable to give Petra the injection, so she wakes up. However, Petra covers for Anezka. She wants Rafael's shares of the hotel no matter what. She breaks Scott's heart after he proposes to her (Anezka). Petra then goes to Rafael and admits he was right about Anezka having taken her place, and how she's pissed no one knew. So she's done being nice.

Xo plans her last dance recital for her students, but has a change of heart when she realizes that she should open up her own dance studio.

Rogelio auditions for a part in a movie that Rafael's friend is producing. He gets the part (which includes full frontal nudity). However, the producers of his show want something in return for allowing him to be naked in a movie. 


Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Rogelio: Well, Michael and Xiomara already have seen my penis. So will you be comfortable seeing it 40 feet high?
Jane: I'm not even comfortable having this conversation.

Michael: You like baseball?
Rafael: Football.
Michael: Sure, sure, sure. Game of Thrones? Hodor! Hodor!
Rafael: You know I'm really not a big talker in the gym.
Michael: Right, got to focus on the reps.
Narrator: Sorry, I just can't watch this any longer.