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Jane and Michael are getting ready to host a house-warming party, when they are told they are behind on payments. After speaking with their realtor, Jane realizes Petra was the one covering the other portion of their rent. Jane and Michael decide they need to create a tighter budget so they can afford the house. However, things become strained between them, and they decide to look for a smaller place until they can afford a larger home.

Jane tries to make nice with Petra, but Petra (who's actually Anezka), doesn't want to play along. She and Scott attend dinner at Jane and Michael's, but they leave when Jane asks her if Scott is blackmailing her. At a tacky party thrown by Scott, Anezka pushes Jane into the pool, and they get in a fight. Later on, Jane startles Anezka, and realizes something's not right. 

Anezka feels pressure from her mother to get Rafael's shares of the hotel, so she tells Rafael what she knows about him covering up is father's financial troubles. She threatens to go to the police if he doesn't give her his shares.

Rogelio is determined to get a part in a TV movie based on a book written by Jane's former writer's group teacher, Amanda. Rogelio begs Rafael to go to an event with Amanda after she notices how handsome he is. Rafael eventually agrees, but that means Rogelio needs to look after Luisa, who's been temperamental since everything happened with Rose and now Rafael's mother dying. Rogelio and Luisa bond, and they agree she should go to rehab as a preventative measure.

Xo gets a job as a bank teller, but hates her job and quits. She tries to hide it from Alba, but it doesn't take long for her cover to be blown. Alba knew that type of job wasn't for Xo, but she didn't say anything. Alba also realizes she doesn't have to keep doing a job she hates, so she gets a job working at the gift shop at the hotel. 



Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Rogelio: Swoon-worthy looks and endlessly generous. You are a prince among men, Rafael Solano, which is one of the many reasons I consider you to be a very good friend.
Rafael: What do you want, Rogelio?

Jane: And can I just say, you sound so sexy when you talk home decor.
Michael: Oh yeah?
Jane: Mmhmm.
Michael: 'Cause I was thinking about a mirror...
Jane: Stop it.
Michael: In the entry way.
Jane: Keep talking.
Michael: A bowl of lemons on the table for a pop of color.
Jane: Just take off your pants right now.