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Jane and Michael find out he has a quite a recovery ahead of him, which means no sex. Jane also worries because she really doesn't want him to return to work, as she is still suffering from nightmares where he is shot in the hallway. With Jane taking care of him, they haven't had much of a chance to act like newly weds, so Rogelio has his crew deck out the bedroom like a honeymoon. Jane tells Michael she's worried about his job, but he tells her he loves it and he promises he'll be safe. The doctor gives Michael and Jane the go-ahead to have sex.

Rafael admits to Jane that he is officially over, which means he can now disagree with her. They shop around for new preschools, and eventually settle on a hippie-ish one after they are forced to address Rafael's issues with feeling left out of the decision-making.

Anezka searches for dirt on Rafael's computer, but is caught by Scott. Since she's still pretending to be Petra, she comes on to Scott, and they end up having sex. Later, when Rafael comes by her suite, Anezka uses her newly formed relationship with Scott as a distraction so Rafael won't see his computer that she's taken. Scott tells Anezka they can take down Rafael together. 

Xo worries about Alba finding out she got an abortion. When she does, Alba is furious and doesn't want to speak to her. However, she eventually comes around. She may not agree with her decision, but she realizes they are different people and that's that.

Rogelio wants to be a cross-over star and worries that Esteban will beat him to it. He doesn't pull off a convincing enough American accent, and the role goes to Esteban. But Rogelio doesn't let that keep him down.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Rafael: So you're a married virgin...
Jane: I am, yes. A married virgin with a one year old son.

The truth is when I was in love with you I just wanted to please you. I mean I would wake up every morning and think, "What would Jane want? What would make Jane happy? What would make Jane smile?" And now, I'm kind of like, "So what if Jane's upset." I mean no offense.