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Instead of the usual Rafael and Michael triangle, Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 1 introduced us to a brand new love story for Jane.

Enter Adam, an ex-boyfriend that was introduced to at the end of Season 3. 

Adam found Jane's letter from Michael hidden in the secret floorboard and decided to give it back to her in person when he realized she was the Jane he almost married at 19. 

He also came with his very own female narrator. 

Jane and Adam immediately clicked because of those dated sparkes and found themselves skinny dipping in water before being rudely interrupted by her snooping family.

The former lovers went on their first date but Jane soon bailed to explore her feelings for Raf. 

Turns out, Rafael didn't even realize he was sending her mixed signals and the co-parents ended up fighting over money and privilege, among other things.

When Raf realized Petra still had feelings for him, he pursued the relationship and made it officially, official.

Meanwhile, shady things were happening at the Marbella after Luisa found out that her father removed Raf from the will. 

She took from him what was rightfully hers -- the hotel and his money. 

Petra, who made it out alive from Anezka's ambush, realized that her sister and Luisa were working together to sign over the hotel. 

She pretended to be Anezka before eventually getting busted when her sister turned up alive. 

Newlyweds Xo and Ro couldn't celebrate their honeymoon because the latter was too busy engaging in Twitter war with baby momma Darci, who was adamant about taking away his custody rights. 

As he tries to make peace with her, Darci goes into labor. 

In the end, we see Sin Rosetro make a deal with some before killing him in cold blood. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Petra: So you're telling me you're 100% over Rafael?
Jane: Well 100% is a big number, but I don't want to be with him and he doesn't want to be with me. Petra, he wants to be with you.

Wow, dad just put Darci's vagina on Instagram.