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Eve takes things into her own hands when it comes to Helene: she kidnaps Helene's daughter.

Carolyn explores her old stomping grounds, and we get to see both the past and present Carolyn's.

In the past, Carolyn deals with being undercover.

She parties with her friends, the 12, but deals with her conflicting conscious.

EVe spends the day with Helene's daughter, having fun, getting ice cream, and making Helene squirm.

Yusuf does not approve of Eve's kidnapping, but can't really do anything about it.

Villanelle takes the time to embrace killing again, starting with Benita's husband.

After she kills Benita's husband, Benita's friends also want their husbands killed.

Konstantin works to get Pam to change her look to something more approachable.

Pam continues to make friends with her carney guy.

Eve takes the time to taunt Helene, when Helene comes to pick up her daughter at the hotel.

Carolyn finds her friend that she ran into, Johan AKA Lars.

She arrives at his cabin and finds him not entirely happy she's there.

Helene threatens Eve, and lures her in under the guise of exchanging more information.

Villanelle vows to hunt down The Twelve and asks Konstantin for help.

As Villanelle exits the hotel, Eve sees her, as she is in the car with Helene.

Suddenly, an arrow gets shot from behind her, and Villanelle gets impaled.

Eve gets let out of the car and holds onto Villanelle, who is bleeding and in shock.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Eve: I went to Helene’s. She let Villanelle out of prison.
Yusuf: So you thought, “child abduction.”

Helene: You know, when I first learned you were after me, I thought you were a bit…what’s the word…pathetic? I thought, there is someone who spends her life peering at more exotic specimens. Like a bird watcher desperate to fly. First Villanelle, then me.
Eve: You think too highly of yourself.