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The Killjoys stumble upon an abandoned cargo ship and decide to investigate.

Dutch goes in first to make sure the coast is clear and soon Johnny and D'avin join her aboard this mysterious vessel.

While John goes in search of the transponder responsible for hailing them, D'avin begins to plant explosives to destroy the ship once they've collected any valuables. Dutch is the one that goes in search of the treasure.

It isn't long before she bumps into a survivor. Dutch chases him to the airlock, but the man ejects himself into space.

Elsewhere, D'avin follows a trial of blood and discovers another survivor. This man, named Hogan, claims to be military and not part of the original crew. When John manages to tap into the ships logs, we soon realize Hogan was aboard from the start.

The man knocks D'avin out and locks him in a cell. D'av guesses correctly this ship is actually a Black Ops interrogation unit. That's right, the Killjoys have found themselves aboard a torture cruiser. What appears to be smoke is released and D'avin breathes it in.

The ship's computer system begins its test and when D'avin refuses to answer, it wounds him. When he responds to the questions, it heals him.

Watching the ship's doctors records, John and Dutch come to understand this is how the entire crew died. From a glitch in the system.

The two manage to locate D'avin, but not before hearing him confess to killing his entire squad in the war. The nanites in his system caused excruciating pain until D'av was forced to confront his dark past. Dutch makes her way to the lab where Hogan has D'avin.

The man easily captures her and infects Dutch with the nanites. Fortunately, he played right into her plan. She sets off a small explosive to free herself and D'av. Then makes a run for the airlock. Before D'avin realizes what she's doing, Dutch ejects herself out into space.

Johnny explains to D'avin that the nanites will continue to heal her body until she reaches Lucy and the manual override. He then shoots his brother in the leg. The nanites can't heal and torture at the same time after all.

Once they're all aboard Lucy, they detonate the explosives and blow the cargo ship. Decontamination showers remove all traces of the nanites.

Back on Westerley, Dr. Pawter informs D'avin that he's got three memory blockers implanted in his brain. This leads to kissing and love making.

Dutch finds a red gift on her bed and turns to find Khlyen there. "Why can't you just leave me alone?" she asks. "Because without me, you're becoming weak. Vulnerable" he replies. Khlyen threatens Johnny's life, so Dutch gives in to her former mentor.

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Killjoys Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

D'avin: It was a recon. Simple sweep and sensor, me and my squad. There was nothing...
Hogan: Go on.
D'avin: I can't.
Hogan: You just started.
D'avin: I can't, I mean I can't remember. I don't know what it was about, or how it started.
Hogan: Then, what do you remember. What do you remember?
D'avin: I killed them, my squad.

Dutch: So, you go find the transponder sugar pants. D'avin can plant the explosives while I go look for some booty.
John: You want to say something?
D'avin: Um nope. [smiles]