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Johnny rushes into the hackmod bar to get help for Ollie. On a mission, D'avin and Dutch fail to correctly enter a code, causing a computer to explode. Turin urges them to find a replacement nerd until Johnny returns. Dutch and D'avin try out a trio of nerds, and their mission is to repair a downed com-stack on a station. The hackmod who attacked Ollie was a "skinner." A bar hackmod points them to Livio Surgical Spa. Johnny pretends to be a spa customer. Clara's friend Yoki works at the spa, and she spots Johnny on a monitor. Yoki urges Ollie to run, then she sets off the alarm. Human ash is found all over the station. Dutch, D'avin and the nerds have been infected with a runaway pathogen, and they need to find a way off the station, without its defensive systems burning them up. Johnny figures out that Ollie is Clara in a skinsuit. Dutch dons a protective suit and shuts down the defenses in one hallway. At the bar, Yoki shorts out herself and Ollie, then Niko and gunmen take Johnny. Niko plans to skin Johnny, for his Killjoy indentity. Niko knows nothing about the Hullen's green plasma she uses. When an alarm goes off, Johnny uses his digital laser to get free. Zephyr, the female nerd, keeps trying to restart the com-stack instead of escaping, and everything blows up. Dutch's entire mission was a simulation. Zephyr got sent away for disobeying orders, and the other two get recruited. Clara and Niko battle. The other hackmods call Repo on Niko. Clara decides to stay in RAC City, while Johnny returns home. Dutch recruits Zephyr to do biological research. Aneela has Kendry, who Johnny shot but who has been resurrected as a Hullen.

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Dutch [to D'avin]: C'mon. Let's go traumatize some lab rats.
Turin: This time, try not to explode 'em.

Turin: We still don't know why the Hullen left a secret squad of ships here, how to get inside 'em, or where to find Aneela. You two going to solve all that with your shitty cologne and sexual tension?
D'avin: I smell great.