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Dutch and her team, D'avin, Alvis, Fancy and Pree, infilitrate a Hullen hive, only to find just one left as a messenger. He warns Dutch the Hullen are coming for her team, then blows himself up. Banyon Grey tells the assembled RAC agents that her Oversight team is taking over the quadrant's RAC agents, as they search for missing agents, including Johnny. Banyon confronts Dutch about Johnny. Answering a distress call from Clara, Johnny meets Ollie, who now has Alice, Clara's gun arm. They agree to work together. Turin tells Dutch and D"avin that he will handle Banyon while they wage war on the Hullen. Dutch and D'avin kidnap Pippin, a black-market dealer. Ollie volunteers to help Johnny and Clara attack the Hackmod factory, after they find Clara. Dutch explains to Pippin that they need him to find a missing chemical beacon, which will draw out the Hullen. Ollie takes Johnny to a hackmod bar on RAC City, trying to locate Clara's friend Yuki. Pippin arranges a meeting with Sweet Janet, who has the beacon. Yuki knows something about Clara, but runs before Ollie and Johnny find out what. After he gets revealed as a "basic," Johnny agrees to undergo enhancement. He gets a digital laser. Pippin's bodyguards interrupt the meeting with Sweet Janet, but Fancy takes them out with his stun boomerang weapon. Johnny finds out that hackmods are disappearing. Dutch's team gets arrested by Company agents. They are all Hullen, which had been Dutch's plan all along, as she and the rest wipe out the Hullen. Ollie is the target of an failed assassination attempt, then she passes out, and Johnny has to find help for her. Turin shows Dutch and D'avin a fleet of hidden Hullen ships. D'avin breaks into one, goes onboard and it disappears. 

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Hullen: We're coming for you.
Pree: Well, aren't you full of shit and sunshine?
D'avin: Now can I poke him?

This better be worth the chafing.

Pree [while running]