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Johnny is unable to come up with a tactic that will defeat Aneela's armada. He and D'avin don't know what's up with Dutch after her journey through Aneela's memories. Aneela is looking for the missing Kendry. Britt tells her that Gander used Aneela's research, then hid away Kendry.  Johnny finds a frequency that disrupts Hullen technology. To make his plan works, Johnny needs a giant sonic disruptor. Johnny has a plan to steal one from a mining colony in Westerly. They recruit Big Borna's crew, including her new third husband Jelco, to help them. The Mole Miners have never been successfully robbed. Gander challenges Aneela to find Kendry by going back into the green and searching his memories. Dutch suggests just the three Killjoys carry off the mission, to keep their plans secret. Aneela's entering the green to find Kendry alerts The Lady, the Hullen leader, what she is up to. Aneela uses her green to take control of the ship from The Lady. The Killjoys take out one of the Moles' drivers and send in D'avin as his substitute. Their plans goes awry when Jelco and Borna's crew try to steal the miners' crystals. Dutch takes advantage of the confusion to steal the disrupter. Jelco and D'avin gets captured, and Dutch convinces Borna to go get them back. Aneela finds Kendry, and tells her she's not sure what Kendry is carrying. Jelco and D'avin get rescued. Aneela transfuses all the free Hullen with her green, to take away their free will. Zephyr tells Dutch her DNA is the mirror image of Aneela's. Aneela is Dutch's original source. So if Dutch kills her, she dies as well. Dutch then tells the war council that if they kill Aneela, they win the war, since the other Hullen don't have free will.

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

D'avin: We've got a war ringing our doorbell any minute now, John, and we need a leader. And whether we like it or not, it's not going to be Dutch.
Johnny: I don't like it. But if we have to follow somebody else into shitty odds and a fiery death, I don't hate that it's you.

D'avin: Since when do you let biology make you her bitch?
Johnny: Since 127 consecutive outcomes agree.