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A test run of the Hullen ships ends in disaster, with two pilots dead. Dutch has gone AWOL. She and Zephyr have slipped away to an expanded lab to experiment with Aneela's brain cells. Using an experimental technique, Zephyr hopes to guide Dutch through Aneela's memories. D'avin has to cover for Dutch with Turin and the Ferran representative. The brothers figure out what Dutch and Zephyr are up to. D'avin goes to find Fancy, to see if he knows how the planes work. Fancy explains that the ships are going to require Cleansed pilots, and not many are willing to do so, after the way they have been treated. But he's willing to recruit volunteers, if D'avin supports them. Johnny finds out that Zephyr has also blocked his back door to Lucy, but she gives him a way in if he solves a complicated math problem. Dutch discovers that she is actually a young version of Aneela, which Aneela brought back from her memories through the Green, making Khlyen her father. Khlyen spirited away Dutch and trained her to protect her. Turin has Killjoys round up the Cleansed. D'avin knows nothing about it when Fancy confronts him. Dutch gets caught up in her own memories and seizes, then attacks Zephyr. Johnny finds Zephyr, but Dutch has left, gone back to Lucy. Shooting Johnny snaps Dutch out of her trance. D'avin releases the Cleansed and has Turin arrested for sedition, and all the other armies support him. The Cleansed agree to pilot the ships. Johnny and Zephyr bond a bit. Dutch abdicates leadership of the army to D'avin.

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

I Zephed all over his Jaqobis. I Zephed on it hard.

Zephyr [to Dutch]

If you're the only one who can control these ships. we have no fleet. And if we have no fleet, we have no chance.

Johnny [to D'avin]