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Johnny and Zephyr squabble over how best to solve the mystery of the Remnant. Johnny gets promoted to a Level Five Killjoy. Pree has a new boyfriend, Gared. Turin tells Johnny that Dutch has blocked his promotion previously. A out-of-town Killjoy serves a Black Warrant on Johnny for the murder of Delle Seyah Kendry, and a brawl breaks out. Dutch and Johnny find out that Johnny did shoot Kendry. Johnny, Dutch and Pree escape through the tunnels and take off into space. D'avin discovers the Killjoys' weapons were set on stun. Pree suggests they go to Ohron, home of the Ferran, a group of outlaw mercenaries. Pree used to be their leader. His former lover, Loughlin, is leader now. and Pree faces death for deserting them. Turin confronts Banyon over the Black Warrant. Dutch tries to recruit the Ferran for her battle against the Hullen. Pree's alley-cam footage shows Kendry stumbling away, but that's not enough evidence for Banyon. Dutch and Johnny must fight, to either save Pree or her crusade. Each wins one round of the competition. For the final round, Dutch and Johnny are drugged, and let out their inner secrets. The visiting Killjoy tracks Johnny using a tracker he ingested and gasses everyone in the Ferran camp, capturing Dutch and Johnny. Pree says he left so Loughlin could lead the Ferran. D'avin uses his psychic connection to the green goo to visit Aneela's ship, where he finds Kendry alive. Aneela calls off Kendry's warrant on Johnny. Dutch takes out the Killjoy with a nerve-gas implant. Pree tells Dutch that Loughlin and the Ferran will join her battle. Aneela sees D'avin and sends him back. Zephyr finds the right combination of substances to open the Remnant but tells no one. 

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Killjoys Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Zephyr: Unzip your shirt and show me your nipples.
D'avin: Do you remember when we talked about office-appropriate?

In your corners, nerds. Turin built as this pretty black site so you pocket-protectors can play nice. Now, what's the problem, in normal-people words?

D'avin [to Johnny and Zephyr]