Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7 Review: The Wolf You Feed

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That's a few questions answered.

The Dutch/Aneela connection got cleared up on Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7.

Unfortunately, it took a shook-up Dutch out of the fight just when she was needed the most.

Disturbing Memories - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7

So Dutch isn't Aneela's twin, or clone, or any other somewhat simple explanation.

Instead, if I got it right, she's a manifestation of Aneela, going back to when Aneela was happy, living on Qresh with her family.

Poor Dutch. Finally, all her disjointed memories make some sense. Khlyen wasn't the total prick that she thought he was. Instead, he was her father, who trained her in the deadly arts to protect her.

No wonder she got so knocked back on her heels.

This was an important episode for the social awkward Zephyr, as Dutch put faith in her to perform what was, at best, an experimental method to retrieve Aneela's memories. She still treated Dutch as a subject too much, but it's obvious she cares for Dutch and did the best she could to protect Dutch from herself.

It's been enjoyable to watch Johnny and Zephyr joust, even if it was remotely this time. Johnny has figured out how to think like Zephyr, and I think that scares him.

I'd say there's been little lingering effects from Johnny being tortured in Killjoys Season 3 Episode 5, as he was able to figure out Zephyr's complicated puzzle.

Now that Johnny is getting past being temporarily replaced as resident nerd, he and Zephyr are starting to bond. Which they should, since protecting Dutch and D'avin from their own worst impulses is their job.

It's also easier to understand why Aneela went off the rails.

She had a father who loved her, but who took her away from her mother and her friends. He became more distant as he served as the Hullen recruiter working to take over the J.

Meanwhile, he left Aneela trapped by herself in an isolated cube. Even worse, she was a mutant Hullen, able to control the Green like no one else. 

After she experimented on others, she herself became a specimen on the Hullen ship, in essence, her prison. No wonder she went mad.

At the same time, after Aneela brought back her younger self, Khlyen couldn't kill her, instead setting her up as a member of the Nine.

Since Aneela never got the chance to reconcile with her father, no wonder she hates Dutch and blames her for Khlyen's death.

Looking For an Advantage - Killjoys

So this whole intergalactic war is a matter of "Daddy liked you best."

I feel bad for Aneela. Khlyen, possessed by the Hullen, largely abandoned her. Then she made a friend of her younger self, only to have Khlyen take her away as well. 

Still, that doesn't excuse her for the hundreds of RAC agents she's killed in recent weeks. It's simpler to understand her evil, but that doesn't justify it.

While this episode addresses where Aneela and Dutch came from, it mentioned nothing about Aneela's current state of mind. She seemed pretty catatonic after Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6, when Gander abducted Kendry, her new bestie.

What is the seemingly pregnant Kendry carrying? Yet another version of Aneela, or something even more evil?

Just a head's up: Aneela's hunt for the missing Kendry will be one storyline of Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7.

Devious Turn - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7

I'm ambivalent about Turin seemingly getting written out. I liked Turin the sarcastic dick, but not so much Turin the traitorous prick. Since he was the de facto sector leader, who takes over? Or is there a RAC anymore, with so many agents killed or on the lam?

It was good to see D'avin step up and take the reins of power. Not that he had any choice. It was that or have the very tentative coalition collapse.

Being a military man, D'avin has surely experienced both good and bad leadership. He seemed fairly profound when talking with Fancy. So I think he'll be a good leader in the field, with the various factions willing to follow him. He's more than Johnny's dumber brother, and this gives him a chance to prove that.

Taking a Cautious Stance - Killjoys Season 3 Episode 7

I do think the loss of Dutch will hurt when it come to strategy, when compared to D'avin. After all, she should have a better idea of how Aneela thinks, especially now.

The big question is how long, or how much, Dutch will be separated from the war effort, since, well, it's largely her war. I suspect it won't be long, since there's not a lot of the season remaining.

So the next issue to be solved is where does the war effort go from here, and who's still on board. Also, when do the hackmods come back on board? They can't be just dropped after that introduction earlier in Killjoys Season 3.

To catch up on the battle, watch Killjoys online.

How do you like D'avin as leader? Were you surprised at the connection between Dutch and Aneela? Do you like Zephyr more? Comment below.

The Wolf You Feed Review

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I Zephed all over his Jaqobis. I Zephed on it hard.

Zephyr [to Dutch]

If you're the only one who can control these ships. we have no fleet. And if we have no fleet, we have no chance.

Johnny [to D'avin]