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John and Dutch decide to travel to the pulsar Khlyen buried in Dutch's memories. A flashback to Arkyn 250 years prior has Aneela's mother, Yalena, the face in Dutch's memories, visiting Khlyen and Aneela. Aneela has a neuro-parasitic infection, and Khlyen is trying to find a cure. Dutch is following D'av's wishes that she stay away from Jaq. There's nothing at the site of the pulsar. Pree reunites with Gared on the RAC. Gared has lost track of time. In the past, Khlyen takes Yalena to the pulsar. Lucy is being pulled into a black hole. The pulsar is actually hidden by a fake black hole. In the past, Yalena shoots Khlyen. Dutch and John are captured by warriors. Dutch invokes Khlyen's name and they take her to a castle. Then they send her on alone. Dutch gets locked in with Yalena. Yalena figures out Dutch isn't Aneela. Weej overrides the RAC controls, then an alarm goes off. Dutch explains that Khlyen sent her but she doesn't know why. In the past, Khlyen shows the green plasma pool to Yalena. Even back then, he was trying to poison the pool to save Aneela from The Lady's voice. Turin plans to charge in to save Pree and Gared, but Weej knocks him out to save Turin from himself. Dutch has to tell Yalena Khlyen is dead, so that Yalena will turn over Khlyen's compound to poison the green. Yalena knocks out Dutch. She wakes up in Yalena's cryo-pod. She gets mad and breaks out. In the past, Yalena steals Khlyen's poison and gets him to try all other options first. in the present, Yalena gives Dutch the poison, making her promise to kill Aneela if she can't save her. Yalena stays, determined that Khlyen will come back for her. Hullen are tailing D'av and Jaq.

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Killjoys Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Khlyen: You could have just told me you were coming.
Yalena: And waste the chance for a grand entrance? I think not.

John: [D'avin's] pulled this whole abandoning-his-family thing on me about eight times too many.
Dutch: If you're done bitching, we've got work to do.