Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Three Killjoys And A Lady

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That was a whole lot of wasted motion.

The Killjoys ended up right back where they started on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3.

The trio did return to The Lady's custody with some hard-won knowledge that enabled them to develop a plan.

A Traitor Among Them -- Tall - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3

All this intel cost them was a much-beloved member of their crew.

If there was any doubt about The Lady's mission, this episode confirmed it.

Torture Chamber - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3

She needs Jaq for her plan of conquest. Period.

Khlyen even spelled it out for D'avin when he freed him.

The hatchlings that Dutch flambed on Killjoys Season 5 Episode 2 were supposed to be the new bodies that The Lady needs to take over the universe.

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But those bodies won't survive on all types of planets.

Also, as was proven by the two soldiers that D'avin and Johnny knocked out, there are no more Hullen thanks to the green bomb.

That's why The Lady is seeking Jaq, aka the Firstborn, the only natural Hullen/human hybrid.

Unknown Quantity - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3

(That is if you consider a lab experiment combining D'av, Aneela, and Delle Sayeh to be "natural.")

Jaq's unique genetic structure should enable him, and clones reproduced from him, to survive in many different environments.

That was why Khlyen stressed keeping Jaq safe and away from The Lady. If she can't get his DNA, she loses.

The Killjoys' escape from The Lady did seem way too easy.

Khlyen was wearing an ankle monitor. So, of course, somebody knew that he had entered D'av's cell.

As became evident, The Lady wanted the Killjoys to think they had escaped on their own so that they would lead her to Jaq.

Has she met this trio? It's rare when they agree on anything.

That was the case again. D'avin naturally wanted to find and protect Jaq while Dutch thought destroying The Lady's terraforming campaign was more important.

As usual, Johnny vacillated back and forth between the two options.

Plus there was the elephant in the room which no one wanted to address.

The Lady said that Johnny was the easiest of them to break.

That's because the false memories she implanted gave him his heart's desire: Dutch in love with him.

Mental Check - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3

But those implanted memories felt false.

There was an indefinable tension between Johnny and Yala and undeniable chemistry between Yala and the Killjoy, D'avin.

Now Dutch and D'av were back to being together, and Johnny was left to ponder what might have been.

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Did that time spent under The Lady's spell make them any less alert to what followed? Probably not. But it couldn't have helped.

It undoubtedly made them more paranoid for the game of three-card monte which The Lady had set up.

Dutch made the logical argument that Delle Sayeh had Jaq stashed in a safe place, but the citizens of Westerley were most assuredly not safe.

Suspected Spy - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3

D'av grudgingly agreed but continued to hunt for potential hiding places for Jaq. That's not unusual behavior for a father worried about his son.

But then Lucy developed thruster problems, and Dutch noticed, for lack of a better term, a space hickey on D'av's neck, similar to one she had seen on The Lady.

She jumped to the conclusion that The Lady was wearing D'av, since she had expressed the desire for a more rugged body. 

This was where those weeks as The Lady's puppets started to affect their thinking.

Dutch shared her concern with Johnny, and before long they were trying to perform a space exorcism on D'av in an airlock.

Next, Johnny figured out they all have space hickeys and may be eligible for a "Lady on Board" sign.

Unpleasant Surprise - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3

Lucy seemed to volunteer to be the innocent arbiter, only to point the finger of blame at Dutch.

It took Dutch having everyone strip down to the bare essentials for Johnny and D'av to ponder the possibility that Lucy may have gotten corrupted.

Once they determined that was true, the trio faced an uphill battle. While The Lady is devious, Lucy is smarter than all the Killjoys.

Lucy was aware of every move that they made and countered. Only a lucky shot by Johnny bought them a breather.

That gave Lucy enough time to take on a physical manifestation. It also gave fans a chance to see actress Tamsen McDonough, who has been voicing Lucy for the entire Killjoys run.

The final dialogue between Johnny and Lucy was heartbreaking, as he followed her directions to wipe her programming, to eliminate the virus.

Physical Lucy - Killjoys Season 5 Episode 3

I figured that one or two characters would perish in this final season.

But Lucy would never be on my list. Her interplay with Johnny has always been one of the show's highlights.

Of course, The Lady had an armada ship following Lucy that whole time, hoping to be led to Jaq.

Dutch was correct in recommending that they surrender. They needed to be near The Lady's headquarters to find her original body.

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Being stuck in a supermax prison isn't going to help. Neither is the fact that The Lady has had plenty of time to hide her body.

The real wild card in all this is Khlyen.

Is he working with The Lady, or just stringing her along until he can find a way to help the Killjoys and Jaq?

For that matter, is Aneela still kicking around someplace?

I don't see any of the humans being much help, except Zephyr and her scientific brain. As soon as she reattaches with it.

To catch up on the young season, watch Killjoys online.

Did you know the escape was all a trick by The Lady?

How much will you miss Lucy?

How do the Killjoys get out of the mess they are in?

Comment below.

Three Killjoys And A Lady Review

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The Lady: Human bodies. So fragile.
Dutch: Alien bitches. So boring.

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