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Eve and Gavin remember their first date at the pier. Levi interrupts, saying he found a radio receiver.

Levi and Gavin argue over how to rescue Caroline. Mother and son reunite.

Levi got shot in the warehouse. Gavin and the kids go help Caroline. Sam urges Eve to go with them.

Ty and Paara find Taamet and arrest him. Just then, Scott and Veronica need help with Lucas. She can't help them, but he can.

Sam and Riley fix up Levi's injuries.

Caroline wants to destroy the portal for good.

Eve and Gavin think as long as they're together, staying in 1988 would be fine. Josh apologizes for not believing in his dad.

Izzy only wants to stay if their parents are reunited.

As Lucas worsens, Ty convinces Paara why he must battle Taamet. He thinks he can beat him with other methods.

Riley tries to convince Sam to stay in 1988.

Veronica convinces Lucas to live by showing she cares about him.

Ty taunts Taamet about Paara during the battle. When Taamet knocks him down, he takes Taamet down by hitting his knee.

Lucas takes the remedy. Taamet admits he left the final component out.

Caroline tells Gavin they need his handprint to unlock the virus. Eve and the kids decide to go with Gavin to 10,000 BC, so everyone says goodbye to Levi.

Ty and Paara get engaged.

Scott watches Lucas burn his regrets into the fire.

Gavin sees a vision of Eve's death right before his family jumps through the portal.


La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Gavin: Snatch and grab sounds like our best bet. We go through the back and take them out together.
Levi: It’s too risky. There could be guards at the ends of those hallways. We need to go through the property first.
Gavin: We can’t just stand here. There’s no time for that.
Levi: There’s always time.
Gavin: It’s my mother. This is what we’re doing.

Eve: Besides, we can’t let a tidal wave destroy where we had our first date.
Gavin: No, we can not. Do you remember being on the top of that Ferris wheel?