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Eve and Levi hold hands traveling in the back of the wagon. There are flashbacks of when the affair started.

Gavin and the others arrive at the clearing. They're frustrated upon hearing Eve and Levi were captured.

Gavin has heard stories about the Exiles.

The Exiles are having their prisoners dig for rocks.

Gavin asks Silas for help and only agrees if he takes Gavin there.

Gavin and Sam face off about Gavin taking Silas with him to search for Eve.

Riley and Josh are eating corndogs. She spots a man following them. He overheard them talking about sinkholes and agrees there is more than people know about them.

Silas tries to bond with Gavin, who doesn't trust him.

Ella approaches Veronica, who embraces her.

Sam treats Izzy's prosthetic leg. Izzy tells him she met Andrew at a vigil, and they bond over missing family members.

Gavin gets stuck in a trap and faces a bear. Silas saves him.

Through a flashback, we learn Eve's dad had an affair.

Eve and Levi ask Virgil to create a distraction so they can escape.

Frank needs Josh and Riley's help before the city is destroyed.

Gavin and Silas talk. Gavin asks about his parents.

When they try their escape plan, Eve and Levi get captured.

Silas drugs Gavin at the entrance of the Exiles. Gavin passes out, and Silas escapes.

After witnessing Ella and Veronica talk, Ty tries to talk to Veronica. Veronica insists she's committed many crimes.

Scott returns with intel.

 Levi is brought to the cave beaten. Eve confesses that she loves Levi, and they kiss in the cave.

Gavin is found at the Exiles' campsite.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Silas: Hello my boy.
Gavin: You remember me?
Silas: Welcome home.

Ella: I didn’t remember them going through.
Ty: I don’t follow. Why would you remember?
Ella: Because Ty, I’m Lilly but now my name is Ella.
Ty: Is it really you?