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A family is affected by the Hollywood sinkhole.

Eve feels alone without Josh.

Sam captured Silas to get info about the kids.

Levi and Ty try to convince Sam not to use violence with Silas to get info.

Izzy and Ella argue while walking 20 miles a day. Gavin tries to broker peace.

Josh and Riley land in 1988 and see the kids taken by nuns.

Scott meditates in a field of sunflowers. Rebecca asks him to help her get to the glass building.

Silas admits he can't help them find the kids, but Rebecca can and she's gone to find the 30,000 ft glass building.

Eve and Levi volunteer to find her.

Gavin and the ladies eat lunch. Ella apologizes for her outburst, but she's scared she hasn't had any more visions.

Ty tries to help Sam but he only wants revenge.

Ty promises Paara that no matter what the others find, he will return Silas the next day.

Eve and Levi find Lucas by Marybeth's grave. They comfort him.

The three of them hear a scream and see some men have captured Veronica. Lucas wants to get her back.

Josh and Riley find an unlocked house filled with food.

Lucas refuses to leave Veronica.

Lucas signals to Veronica and saves her. A fight ensues and Eve is captured. Levi goes after her.

Riley can't settle down, so Josh offers to look for money.

The trio stays ahead of the wooly rhino but Izzy falls. They're surrounded. Gavin distracts them, and they run.

Josh and Riley find money and a note to buy Apple stock.

Scott and Rebecca find the glass building.

Gavin, Izzy, and Ella find the demolished Hollywood sign.

The trio keeps walking. Eve and Levi snuggle in the back of the carriage.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ty: I don't know how patient they're going to be. Silas lied about his identity. People are dead because of his actions. People want to hold him accountable.
Sam: That's not my problem!
Billy: Actually, it's all our problem. Paara and her people are bringing us food today, and I don't think we want to anger the people who are trying to help.

Eve: At Least when Josh was here, I had somebody. Now I’m all alone.
Ty: You’re not alone, Eve. I happen to be excellent company.
Eve: Yes, you are.