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Eve returns home from the Air Force Academy just in time for some Baxter family bickering, bonding, and lessons from papa Mike.

Kyle can't figure out what is different about Mandy, she is now tall and blonde thanks to Molly McCook taking over the role from original portrayer Molly Ephraim. Finally, at the end of the episode, Kyle realizes the changes in his wife.

Ryan is in a funk over the state of America. His funk is so bad he cooks fried chicken for Boyd for dinner. Mike tells him he needs to turn off the TV and take some action if he is unhappy. 

Thanks to Mike's talk, Ryan decides he wants his family to move to Canada. His announcement sparks a political fight between Mandy and Eve. 

When the girls fighting becomes so intense, Vanessa announces there will be no more political talk while Eve is home. The new Baxter house rule has Mike frustrated with his family turning on each other.

Mike, Ed, and Chuck have a light-hearted talk about how political views are dividing families. Mike comments that people should be able to disagree without turning on each other. 

Eve and Mandy continue to ignore each other. Vaness is mad at Mike for butting in with Ryan causing his decision to move to Canada. However, when Boyd doesn't come home the family comes together to find him.

Miike finds Boyd hiding at the Outdoor Man. Boyd tells his grandfather he does not want to move. He also shares how he is tired of everyone, everywhere, fighting about everything. The kid is frustrated and calls everything broken. 

When they return to the Baxter house, Mike declares the family will start treating each other with dignity and respect even when they disagree. He then gives Ryan an application for US Citizenship, so Ryan's voice can be heard. The move to Canada is off, while Ryan thinks about becoming a citizen.


Last Man Standing
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Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Kyle: I am trying to DVR my favorite TV show but it is not on.
Vanessa: Oh, well maybe it got canceled. The TV business can be heartless.
Kyle: It didn't get canceled. Why would they cancel a popular TV show that everybody loves?
Mike: Maybe they're a bunch of idiots. Just try another channel.
Vanessa: Oh Mike, they don't just take a show off of one network and put it on another.
Kyle: Hey there it is! You were right Mr. B.
Mike: Is it me or is it way better on this network?

Mike: How are you doing?
Ryan: I am good. You actually made me realize it is time to get serious and stop being a victim and take some control over my life.
Mike: See, you just needed a little push.
Ryan: So I am moving the family to Canada.
Vanessa: You're moving to Canada?
Ryan: Look I know it is kind of sudden, so please try not to overreact.
Vanessa: You're ripping my grandbaby from my arms!