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Stabler meets Bell outside court. She asks how long Stabler was with Benson and reads a statement asking that her partner's killer not get early release. At the court hearing he suddenly says he did not kill her partner and that he was forced to say he did. He is removed from the courtroom.

Bell tells Stabler she has always had a hunch something was wrong here. She wants to investigate.

Bell goes to talk to a detective about Montenaro. He says he didn't show up because he knew the guy wasn't getting out. He gets offended when she starts asking questions about the case.

Bell gets a rush on the ballistics from a tech who likes Jet. There's a possibility this isn't the slug who killed her partner. He says but the guy confessed. Bell says not to tell anyone about this. Next she goes to see Montenaro who says that Murphy killed her partner with a pen gun.

Murphy goes to confession and says he thinks about killing a priest. He accuses the priest of stealing from the offerings and threatens him.

Murphy talks to someone who tells him what happened at the meeting.

Bell has notes for Stabler. She insists she can get Murphy. Stabler tells her Octavio was murdered in prison.

Bell talks to the Deputy Inspector who says this is a cold case and they're not doing this. She confronts him about his lies. He warns her to be careful.

Stabler and Bell brief the team about Murphy. The man with Murphy earlier is his number 2, Seamus O'Mara. They need to get in with the crew and try to flip someone. Murphy has been burned once by DEA informants. Reyes wonder why they are doing this. Bell says they don't have to worry about that now.

Bell wants Teddy Silas to reopen his bar so they can attract Murphy. Silas is nervous. He also wants time off from his sentence.

Jet says it will take at least a week to wire the place. They want hidden cameras. Teddy already has them. He also has a hidden casino room. Jet knows how to do cards. Stabler wants the bar renamed The Bluff.

Reyes talks to a guy in Spanish who lets him and Whalen in. He talks to a woman in Spanish who sends Jamie into another room so Reyes asks for her help. She asks does his wife know he's here? They talk about how she was the only one who ran numbers outside the neighborhood.  They go into the other room where Whalen enthuses about the food.

Murphy has a sharp knife and has broken into the home of Octavio's wife. He also threatens her with a dog. He tells her that Octavio made a promise to be loyal that he didn't keep. He tells her that Octavio is dead. If anyone asks about him what is she going to say? He says Octavio never said she was so pretty. Seamus interrupts to say La Doña says Teddy is reopening his bar. Murphy tells Seamus to check it out and leaves.

Stabler is getting undressed and is about to call Benson when he gets a call from the Front Door that he has a food delivery. It's a woman who claims to be from the DA's office. She is looking into Octavio's death. The DI looped her in. She says she will tell him what she knows.  Murphy always skates just as they are going to catch him. She thinks he has help in the NYPD and City Hall. She used to be in Homicide. She knows what he did with the Brotherhood and Benson speaks highly of him. He says he has to tell his Sergeant. She gives him photos of Murphy and the dog.

Darrell's widow comes to see Bell to thank her for going to the hearing. Bell tells her what happened at the hearing. Marjorie says she's made her peace with Darrell's death and she doesn't want to be dragged into Bell's mess. She says this is about Bell and that Bell took everything from her already.

Teddy is running late. He says he wants to be prepared and takes a gun but Jet and Reyes won't let him keep it. Jet also finds a passport in his bag. He thinks they don't know who they are dealing with.

Reyes acts as a host, and Whalen as a bartender.

Bell watches the video from the hidden room as Reyes greets Seamus. Teddy says he's practically family. Teddy tells Seamus he got out of jail pending trial.

Stabler works the casino room and Seamus has his eye on Jet who is wearing a long black wig and a revealing dress. She flirts with him and lets him win the game. Stabler tells Teddy to keep an eye on Jet and Seamus while he asks Whalen for a bottle.

Bell says they started talking as soon as Stabler walked away. The bad guys are planning a deal. Bell puts a tail on them.

Jet continues to flirt with Seamus but he is too interested in her. He wants to know what time she gets off work. He gives her money and she tells him to spend it on her like a gentleman. He offers to buy her a house. Stabler calls her away. Seamus leaves. Stabler sends  Whalen and Reyes after him.

Seamus and his goon meet with a buyer. They have drugs in the trunk and make the deal. They leave and Reyes and Whalen show up and arrest the buyer.

Bell tells Stabler she should have pursued Murphy in the first place. Stabler says she did the best she could. She feels bad that Octavio spent that time behind bars. Stabler tells her they are going to see this through. Jet shows up and admits she didn't hate the job but she's going home. She finds Seamus hanging out outside. He asks her where she wants to go to dinner. He couldn't stop thinking about her. He wants to take her someplace she's going to like. Murphy shows up with his dog. Jet invites him to come play cards at the bar some night and goes.

The DA calls Stabler and asks how opening night was. He won't give her any details. She says Octavio's death is being ruled a suicide. She warns him to be careful and keep her in the loop.


Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Bell: There was an arrest, there was trial, and all these years incarcerated. Montenaro has only said two words: I'm guilty. Why now? Why is he changing his story now?
Stabler: Why not now? He's facing a parole hearing and he's a junkie.
Bell: Ever since this thing began, I have had a feeling that something was wrong, and now I am following my gut.

Bell: I didn't honestly realize how hard this was going to be until I started writing this last night. How long were you and Benson together?
Stabler: 12 years.

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