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Rollins and Carisi are waiting for his bar results. Fin comes over too to see. Carisi passed! He and Rollins hug. Benson congratulates him and asks if he's leaving. Apparently Mike Dodds is going to joint terrorism after all. Anyway, she'll take them all to lunch. But Fin has to go see his son. Mike comes in. Fin says he can get killed in terrorism work.


Some other cop says he has leave early for work and that he needs the money to take the kids to Dinsey World. Next, we see a woman smoking a cigarette. The cop calls to her and appears to be harassing her.  He orders her in the car or he pats her down. She gets in and he begins touching her knee before he drives off.


Fin talks to his son. Ken and his husband have hired a surrogate to carry their baby. Fin says he's happy about it cause everyone else in his squad has baby pictures. He wants the baby to call him Fin and not Grandpa. Ken gets a call from the girl in the previous scene. He says that the cop raped her. Ken tells Fin what's up and Fin says they should call Benson.

Charice says the CO has been raping her since she was locked up. There was no point to reporting it when she was in Rikers because the COs and the gangs ran the prison. No one would believe her. Benson says she does. Charice laughs and says she shouldn't have called Ken. She knows this isn't gonna go anyplace.


Olivia and Mike fill in Barba. But Barba says this is going to be hard, between the CO's connections and Charice's records. Olivia says that is rape. But Barba says Rikers' is Lord of the Flies. Olivia says they will have to be sneaky and make it seem like they are looking for Munsen's help on a trafficking case.

The prison warden is dismissive of the idea that prostitutes can be victims of anything and makes fun of them. SVU has to go along. He's not very cooperative. A guard tells Rollins and Carisi that anyone complaining about female COS is lying

Munsen is also dismissive of the prostitutes and says he wouldn't be surprised if they were related to gang members. He claims they are all trying to work him. Munsen informs Mike he knows his dad.

The cops look at the security footage and see that the female CO is a lookout while Munsen rapes the girls. It's been going on for 3 months and they found 3 other victims, all African American women of the same age. Benson says Rikers is out of their jurisdiction. Also Charice was just arrested. Munsen confronts her when she gets off the prison bus...

Munsen says Charice is always in and out. He doesn't know the charges. 

Charice says that Munsen assaulted her again and it will never go away. Munsen knows where she lives. The cops were harassing her and her boyfriend, searched, found a joint and arrested them both. She was not told why she was under arrest.

Barba says there is possible illegal search. Carisi got security cam footage. There doesn't appear to be probable cause. Mike says they were targeted -- Munsen is trying to intimidate her. Benson realizes that Charice and her boyfriend are not safe at Rikers. However they have to move carefully to make sure no one gets hurt.

Barba tells a judge about the situation and Charice is released without bail.

None of the girls will testify against Munsen. They say there is no way to stop Munsen. His friends will go after their friends on the inside. Ken tells Fin that Charice ran away.

Charice hugs her kids goodbye and sends them to their grandmother. Fin and Benson warn her she will lose her kids. She says she doesn't care about anything but her daughters. Benson asks her does she want her daughters to grow up to think there's no chance?

Charice wears a wire and tries to seduce Gary. He tells her to walk with him.

Munsen says they're going to the river. He says Charice's boyfriend is locked up. She says she could do him a favor and he could help her out... Dodds thinks Munsen knows, but Benson says this is the best shot. Munsen makes her go to a basement. He puts his hand over her mouth and puts a gun to her head. Benson is en route and sends Fin.and Mike arrest Munsen. He says derogatory things to Charice.and is nasty to Mike as well.

Barba interviews Munsen against his union rep's orders. His union rep and lawyer claim that Charice just wants to sue the city. Benson and Barba are not interested in a deal. Barba wants him to plead guilty to one count of attempted rape. Union rep tries to threaten Barba.

Munsen pleads not guilty. Barba wants him held without bail. His lawyer wants charges dismissed. Judge sets bail at $200,000. Union rep says they look out for their own. Munsen's wife accuses Benson of setting her husband up.

There is no evidence except for Charice's wire. But they have bridge cams showing Munsen uses a different bridge than he should be using if he came from Rikers'. He passes by a mosque on Fridays so he has been caught on hidden cameras. 

Munsen tries to intimidate Mike by referring to his father. Mrs. Munsen doesn't like Benson suggesting that the kids shouldn't be in the house while they search. She's insisting that nothing happened and that she's going to call her father the Deputy Inspector and punish all the cops who are investigating. Benson suggests Mrs. Munsen get STD tests.

Munsen throws a tantrum about having his home searched..

Rollins decides to go after the female CO. The union rep continues to be obnoxious.  The female CO says she wants her lawyer. Benson questions her privately while she is waiting for her lawyer. She tells her she knows Munsen is a rapist because she's his lookout. Benson says if she doesn't help them out she's going to jail for a long time for timecard violations. She says Munsen leaves early every Sunday.  Munsen was interested in a woman who visits one of the inmates and got her. They visit the woman and she has a hard time getting rid of her young child to talk about Munsen. The woman is willing to testify to mulitple rapes -- and she does. She says Munsen met her when she was visiting her sister at Rikers'. She had to have sex with him to keep her sister out of solitary. Charice testifies too. So does the female guard. The wife claims this couldn't have happened because her husband loves her. Barba shows her video footage of Munsen leaving at 6 PM. The woman is crushed.

Barba calls Mike and Benson to let them know grand jury will be back soon. He also wants their protection when he walks out of the grand jury room. Munsen's lawyer claims in front of the press that Barba is on a withc hunt.. The union rep and a bunch of other guards confront Barba. They won't let prisoners testify. Some guy threatens Barba and he warns the SVU to watch their backs.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 22 Quotes

Olivia: How many times did this happen?
Charice: I don't keep count. At least once a week since I got out.

I like my job. I like social work. And I'm gonna need the paycheck because... Alejandro and I are starting a family.