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At some kind of bar or something everyone seems to be either drunk or high and a bunch of teenage girls are dancing, while others are with guys who look old enough to be their parents. The cops are watching. Benson sees a bunch of high ranking government officials (because nobody learned from Abraham's scandal!) including Judge Wheeler. Inside, the guys won't let a girl leave and one of the men tries to fight with Carisi and pulls a gun. The cops come in and arrest everyone. Turns out everyone else is undercover too, and someone is of the opinion that Benson derailed their operation.

Rollins interviews the girls. Barba comes and Benson gives him the list of government officials. None of the girls are talking. The only person who was not a government official is a nun, who won't talk to men. Sonny leaves.

The other cops insist they can't do anything to help. Captain comes along and mentions that Dodds Sr said that Dodds was not staying with SVU. He goes to talk to Benson. He advises her to figure out who the johns are protecting. He wants SVU to back off so he can continue his undercover operation. Mike offers to find out from Dodds Sr (that will cause more trouble than it's worth)

Nina wants to talk to Benson. She doesn't understand why they're letting the cops go. She says the cops assaulted the girls.  A nun ouvhes for Nina. There is a witness who won't speak without Sister Nina.

The girl, Kara, ID's Russo as someone who sexually assaulted her. She tells them that some of the cops took turns raping her at a party. She didn't tell anyone. Eventually she trusted Sister Nina. No rape kit. Sister Nina won't let her tell who's inviting the girls to these parties in the first place.

Tucker has his doubts about this story. He has dealt with Russo etc before. He thinks they will give up their investigation if he messes with them. Russo insists he is doing his job. The other cop is sarcastic and annoying. This goes nowhere though they claim a street gang is responsible.

Rollins says three of the girls went to the same Catholic school. Tucker just happens to have a cousin who is a priest who works there.

Eugene won't tell Tucker anything because of confidentiality (of course), though he says Kara dropped out six months ago and is on drugs. Naturally they are interrupted by the Monsignor. He claims that Sister Nina has psychiatric problems and should not be around children. Barba asks if Kara will talk to him. Kara is found dead from a drug overdose.

Benson and Rollins don't know yet where the heroin came from. She was killed by bad heroin. The ME can't prove whether someone gave it to her on purpose. It was a humane death, anyway she's leaving the investigation open.

Nina is of course sure it was not an accident and blames herself. She freaks out and keeps saying "they're" after her but won't tell the cops who "they" are.

A different priest saw Kara right before her death as the Catholic school called away the regular priest. He is not very helpful though he offers to try to get the girls to come forward about what they know.

No one knew about Kara, not even in IAB. Benson points out Eugene knew.

Tucker and his cousin have an argument and Tucker throws around accusations. Eugene claims there was no conspiracy. He insists Kara was involved with gangs and that Tucker has been in IAB too long and yells at him that he has turned his back on God. 

Benson finds Eugene had an alibi. Tucker is going nuts trying to investigate this. Benson won't let him.

Nina is at Benson's house playing with Noah and freaked out by Tucker because nobody has charged the cops yet. She says she doesn't work there when asked about the school. She suggests talking to the guidance counselor (which is Eugene). She doesn't want Tucker there when she finds out he is Eugene's cousin. Freaky scene where Nina appears to not want to put Noah down. Nina tries to leave and insists that Benson is trying to sell her out and that's why she brought Eugene's cousin here, and shouts she will not be committed. She says that Benson wants to kill her and runs away.

The Monsignor sees Barba about something. He thanks Benson for rescuing the girls. Barba can't get warrants for the priests very easily. Benson fills him in on Nina's behavior. Barba doesn't blame Nina for being paranoid. Barba privately asks her if Tucker abuses his power.

Barba tells Benson that Tucker has been accused of corruption and figures out that she is involved with Tucker because she doesn't believe him.

Benson sneaks out to meet Tucker. Tucker tells her to stay out of it. Benson is called to 1PP.

Dodds can't get any info. Rollins assumes they are being punished for going after the church.

Benson is fired and Dodds is now in charge of SVU


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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 17 Quotes

I'm not a madame. I'm a nun.


Cop: We're on the job. Vice.
Rollins: SVU.
Other Cop: Color of the day is yellow. Lieutenant, you just derailed a two year operation.