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Benson trains with some guy, throwing a ball back and forth. She says she can't come tomorrow because she has a PTA meeting. She jokes about letting the trainer move in with her so he can make her exercise.

There is a female entrepreneur workshop. A woman says this made her take back her power. A girl is asked to share and says she doesn't want to but she is convinced to anyway. The girl talks about how her career and life were stalled before Accredo because she was in an abusive relationship. Later, the girl declines an offer to be walked to the subway and the leader invites her for lunch but the girl says she can't today. The leader asks if it's her ex? She says no, she's just busy.

Later, the girl gets a knock on the door when she is getting ready for a shower.

Later, Rollins doesn't want special treatment. Benson tells her she has to report the pregnancy within a week. She gets a call about a rape/homicide. Rollins insists on coming with. The girl from Accredo has been brutally murdered. Rollins pukes when she sees it.

Benson tells Fin the woman was sexually assaulted with a table leg. She is a Jane Doe.

Rollins and Benson meet two parents who can't get in touch with their daughter. They need them to make an ID. The mom wants to see the body in person. They go to the morgue. The mother begins sobbing and says it's not their daughter. 

The detectives catch up with Abby in Pennsylvania. She says the victim is named Vicky and was someone staying with her who was hiding from an abusive ex who was stalking her. She had joined an empowerment group and was doing better.

The cops discover the girl belonged to Accredo and contributed a lot of money towards them.

Rollins and Carisi go to Accredo, where the charismatic Beck creepily tells Rollins he can tell she's pregnant and conflicted and has been hurt by others. The cops ID themselves and Beck's female assistant say Vicky's ex was named Brad and he was stalking her and hacking her FB account.

The cops question Brad who claims not to know anything about Vicky's death. 

Brad was at a bar near where Vicky died, but claims he didn't kill her -- just posted the cyberbullying photos. The cops show him the photos of Vicky's death and he asks for a lawyer.

Benson gets a warrant but won't let Rollins search. Carisi and Fin search instead and find a sharp knife in the dishwasher (possible murder weapon) and bloody clothes.

Security footage shows Brad with some woman but Benson says the timeframe is wrong. Rollins realizes the woman is from Accredo. She has a tattoo in the same place where Vicky's rib cage was cut out.

Benson and Rollins show the photo to the Accredo girl who says she didn't know that was Vicky's ex and she was trying to take control after making bad choices. She doesn't remember seeing blood on his clothes. The woman is upset. Rollins looks at her tattoo and says it looks like a brand. Beck shows up and says that was Vicky's idea.

The cops search inside. The female leader implies that Benson isn't really empowered and that men only claim to be feminists but all hate women. The woman says Beck inspired her to quit her job.

Beck tells Rollins the women come here with sexual problems and he coaches them through it. He tells Rollins Vicky was like her and that Rollins became a cop to get power over men.

Later, Benson looks Beck up and realizes he has all these degrees and stuff. Anyway, he started Accredo with a woman named Marina Basso. Marina is interviewed and says she divorced Beck and that he is brilliant but is possessive and obsessive. She couldn't live with it. Carisi asks her why she walked away. She said it was personal, Beck had been sleeping with Lilah. He told her it was for her own good but she didn't believe that.

Benson is not surprised by this. The cops can't figure out how all the pieces fit together. Carisi finds out about a yoga class for "new recruits". Fin and Carisi go to the class, which is run by Lilah. Lilah doesn't want to talk to the cops. Another woman says someone is watching them again. The cops approach the guy, who is a photographer and says they brainwashed his wife. The cops look at the photos and find Vicki on the photos. They take the memory chip.

Gina is interviewed and says that stepping on Vicky's neck was part of teaching her self-respect.

Carisi and Fin suggest that Gina looks guilty.  Rollins comes in and knocks Gina to the floor and puts her foot on her. Benson stops her from doing that. Gina admits that Lilah gave her blood to frame Brad with. Vicky was going to leave and betray Arlo.

Benson tells Rollins her behavior was unacceptable. Rollins says she used to turn her TV up loud to not hear her parents fight. Her dad beat her mom and she was mad at her mom for letting it happen. 

Back to the case, Rollins suspects Lilah is the killer but they have no proof. Benson realizes Lilah had a fit bit like her and they can get info from the app. Carisi looks at the Fit Bit and he finds her heart rate was elevated during the time of the murder. Lilah is promptly arrested.

Lilah tells Benson she didn't do anything wrong. Benson asks her what Arlo is doing. Benson says most of the jailed women are here because they believed a man's lies. She asks if Arlo has contacted Lilah or reached out to her in any way. LIlah says Arlo made her feel like she could do anything and Benson was asking her to say those 10 years meant nothing. Benson tells her to think about the next 10 - 20 years and that she needs to testify against Arlo to get a reduced sentence. She says she couldn't face her fears and if Vicky had gone to the cops she would have nothing. She was scared of being alone.

Beck's lawyer claims they have no case. Benson and Rollins disagree. Beck asks if Rollins loves her baby's father. Rollins says she doesn't know a lot about love, but Beck is a con artist, sex trafficker, and murderer. Benson says Beck is the worst kind of predator there is because he makes women feel empowered and then preys on them.

Rollins and the defense attorney have words. Rollins implies that the defense attorney is sleeping with Arlo. Rollins says she has little self-respect because she got impregnated by a loser, but she's going to get through it and keep moving forward in her life, because that's real strength.

Benson has an argument with Noah on FaceTime, who refuses to do his homework.

Rollins walks in. She gets a call from the defense attorney. Beck is trying to leave town. He is arrested. Rollins thanks the defense attorney. The defense attorney thanks Rollins. Rollins decides to report her pregnancy. She tells Benson who the father is. Benson is happy for her. 








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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 5 Quotes

Rollins: I don't want any special treatment.
Benson: You are pregnant, Amanda.

An empowered woman can't live on cucumber water alone.