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A woman runs through the rain to the bar.

Carisi complains to Stone about his sister wanting favors from him. He insensitively states he wishes his sister would go away and realizes what he said. He suggests they go eat a burger instead of drinking but Stone says no. Carisi leaves and some girl looks at Stone (yeah that'll work out well for him).

A young girl puts on makeup in a bathroom and says to her it's as good as it's gonna get.

Two guys are playing darts and some guy jokes about women having an orgasm while peeing. He asks the girl who just got made up to agree with him. She wants a shot of tequila.

Stone and the random girl kiss in the back of a cab. She wants him to come in. He says he's just using her. 

The young girl is found all bloody. Benson asks if it could be a mugging. Carisi says the perp took the girl's panties.

Doctor says positive rape kit, girl's name is Grace Walker, had alcohol and marijuana in her system.

Benson and Carisi talk with Grace. She doesn't have any memory of her attack. Grace says she went into the bar to get out of the rain and some guys gave her drinks. That's all she remembers.

A bar worker tells Fin Grace flirted with him to get a free shot. He gave it to her. He says one of the guys was Drew. He sells legal marijuana edibles.

Fin talks to Drew, who says Grace was still drinking and conscious when he left. His buddy Sirus was talking with her. Drew shows Fin his Uber receipt to prove it.

Carisi drives Grace home . She tells him to pull past the door so the doorman won't see and be nosey. She asks if he's seen a lot of girls like this? How did their boyfriends take it? She blames herself because she got drunk. Carisi says it's her choice what to say but it's helpful to speak. He offers her a therapist referral, a call off work, etc. She's not working. She's dating a thoracic surgeon. She leaves. Carisi gets a call.

Silus claims Grace attacked him with a steel rod. He is arrested eventually.

Rollins can't reach Grace by phone. Carisi goes to the building and the doorman claims he has never seen or heard of Grace or her boyfriend.

Interrogation is interrupted by Carisi returning and showing Benson CCTV footage proving Grace went into the building then left again. Benson goes to interview the suspect and try to get info about Grace out of him. The guy says there was a diner the girl talked about on 155th. He doesn't remember the name. Benson puts him in jail.

The cops go to the address and find out its a homeless shelter/soup kitchen type place that the Walkers contribute to. Grace comes here and sits with a guy named Tommy. Tommy appears to be a vet and runs away when he sees cops.

Tommy is arrested. He tells Rollins and Carisi that Grace is nuts and he has nothing to do with what she did. Rollins tells him about the rape. Tommy is glad she's okay but has no clue where she is. Rollins and Carisi offer him coffee and donuts.

The cops realize Grace went to a nearby college. They talk to a sorority sister who says Grace's real name is Sophie and that this is weird, she saw her for coffee one morning and never saw her again. She assumed she had met a guy and was sleeping with him. A week later she realized she was missing. She tells Carisi to tell Sophie she loves her and she's sorry.

The detectives view footage from the week before Sophie disappeared. She wanted to be a doctor and didn't want to go to a party.

Stone can't believe Grace/Sophie didn't talk to anyone in 3 years. Rollins found a website to connect homeless people with their parents. Stone tells Benson privately his sister once ran away and ended up on the streets with a junkie.

Sophie's dad and stepmom come. The dad is mad that the cops didn't hold onto Sophie. Stone says he should lock up the dad for being a poor parent. Benson takes him out of the room and tells him that he can't do that. Stone argues with her that the father didn't do enough. Rollins interrupts. She's found Grace. Fin and Carisi arrive just in time to see Tommy beating up Grace.

Sophie/Grace doesn't want Tommy charged. She says out on the street it's better to be beat up by Tommy than raped by someone else. She says no one raped her. Sophie says her parents are dead and she has to live on the streets. She doesn't remember her parents' names. It freaks her out.

Benson shows her a photo of Sophie. Grace doesn't recognize her or the name Sophie Simmons. Benson asks if a few people outside can meet Grace. Grace nods.

The Simmons come in and recognize Sophie. Sophie recognizes her dad and asks why he is he crying, and what is she doing here?

Sophie speaks with a therapist and remembers going to Florida with her dad at age 10 and falling into the water. It was the first time her dad smiled since her mom died. She says when her mom was alive she didn't know her dad at all. After her mom died he began paying attention to her. She remembers her dad and stepmom visiting ath Parents' Weekend but nothing after that.

The psychiatrist says that the girl has Dissociative Fugue Disorder and created a new identity and lost the old one. Benson says this is usually triggered by sexual abuse. Stone suggests that the father did it. The doctor suggests start with the man who assaulted Sophie. Benson wonders if she could take her back to the place where Sophie became Grace. Sophie remembers that her dad thought being in the sorority was a waste of time. 

Sophie seems resistant to walking in the pre-med building and keeps wanting to go to the stadium. Sophie gets anxious and talks about how this Professor Adams who gave her a B-. Her dad is going to kill her for getting a bad grade. Benson comforts her. They go towards Professor Adams' office. Sophie doesn't want to see him. Benson says she's with her. There is no one in there. Sophie seems anxious. SHe looks at the couch and says Adams said he believed in sex for grades and he raped her on the couch. She begins to cry. Another professor comes out and it turns out that Professor Adams is dead.

Sophie tells Benson she wants to die. Benson promises to help her. Sophie doesn't want to be touched and throws a table over. She says there's no healing and Benson lied to her. She doesn't want to go home and is better off on the streets. Benson makes her throw a coffee cup on the floor to express her rage. Sophie runs away anyway.

Benson is upset. Carisi tells her that Sophie was caught dumpster diving and has been arrested. She says her name is Grace Walker. Benson says she can't do anything to help her.  Carisi says if Adams weren't dead he'd kill him. Benson says that's genius.

Benson takes Sophie to the graveyard where she reads a letter to Adams about what has happened to her.



Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 6 Quotes

Benson: So Grace, unfortunately we think you may have been sexually assaulted.
Grace: No!
Benson: There was semen and you didn't have any underwear on. I'm so sorry. I know this is a lot to process.
Grace: I got blacked out drunk and woke up without my underwear on. Yeah, this is a lot to process.

Girl: I know you're old, but you only have to climb two flights.
Stone: I can't. I'm just using you.
Girl: For what?
Stone: I don't know. To forget.
Girl: And I'm just using you for sex. gets out of cab] Coming?