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A woman is doing a reading of a poem/memoir that seems like it's about rape. We see men in the audience watching. There is a standing ovation. 

There is a book signing and some press afterwards. Bobbie's agent seems to be talking for her. Bobbie goes to get a refill onf her wine. She goes downstairs.

Next, SVU is called to the scene. Bobbie's head has been smashed in. No rape, but Benson says Bobbie is anatomically male -- could be a hate crime.

The cops find out Bobbie was a runaway from NC. He wasn't transgender, he just figured out that he would sell more books by presenting as female. (How do they know he wasn't stealth?)

Talking to the bookstore manager leads them to the publisher, who says Bobbie submitted the manuscript anonymously. Doesn't know Bobbie's address, they were direct deposited into his account and he had given a fake address.

The cops look at the tape of the reading and find the creepy guy. They arrest him while he is playing with his kids on the lawn. He confesses and says he's not gay.

Carisi doesn't understand why Bobby went back to hooking. He wonders if the publisher was pimping him out. Carisi questions the publisher who says he never actually met Bobby, he found Tammy on the street and had her pretend to be Bobby.

Benson doesn't think they have a case against the publisher. She doesn't like it but there's no law at the moment against it.

Fin says the book is full of adults having sex with underage Bobby, maybe they can find them. He has had the address traced.

The place looks like a castle, but no one answers the door and a woman on the street says she's never seen anyone come out of that house, just deliveries at all hours. The cops get a warrant and start searching for Bobby, thinking he's being held prisoner here. Carisi finds some dried blood. They find Judd Hirsch, who says Bobby O'Rourke died years ago. His brother (Wallace Shawn) shows up and says Bobby died in 1975. He won't ride with his brother because he voted for Gerald Ford.

The two brothers seem to be relics from another time who use a lot of prejudicial Yiddish terms.

Carisi and two cops search the old men's house and a shelf falls on Carisi. They find another manuscript.

The cops confront the brothers who argue about some person who cheated at gin rummy in 1958. Benson says they are going to sit there until someone tells them what happened to Bobbi O'Rourke.

Carisi searches more. He finds a trunk with a padlock on it.

Fin says DNA on the manuscript matches the laptop and the blood. Both the old men are arrested. Wallace Shawn says he wrote the book because they needed money. Benson asks where he got a computer from if he hadn't left the house since 1973. He says he paid a delivery boy to buy him a computer. He says he cut himself on broken glass.

Carisi opens the trunk and finds a frozen female body.

It turns out the body was the men's mother and she had lung cancer but was smothered with a pillow.

Benson reads a passage from "Bobby"'s book and it sounds like a survivor of childhood sexual abuse to her.

She goes to see Ben at prison and he tells a story of almost drowning at the beach and how his mom and saved him.

Rollins goes to see Joe who wants to know if she has a husband. She asks him if he had a wife. He says he was too busy. Eventually he asks if Ben confessed yet. He says Ben is weak and needs his protection. He says it's hard being the bigger brother.

Benson thinks Ben lived through something. He doesn't want to talk about it and says she knows nothing. Benson says she can only imagine what he must have felt but the shame isn't on him, it wasn't his fault. She asks him who did it to him?

Joe tells Rollins about a counselor at an after school program that he didn't let hurt Ben, but hurt him instead

Ben tells Benson about Vincent who was always around and how he molested him when no one else was around.

Joe asks Rollins not to tell Ben.

Ben tells Benson he could never tell Joe, he would have laughed at him.

Joe says he was supposed to be the older brother, he couldn't tell Ben, and couldn't tell his father who was super critical.

Ben couldn't tell his mother, she would have thought he was dirty and not loved him anymore.

Stone is skeptical. Benson says the men won't admit to the abuse. Stone says he tried to offer them a deal but they wouldn't take it. Benson thinks they are sympathetic defendants.

The defense attorney gives an opening statement about how much the boys loved their mother and couldn't bear to see her cremated or buried so they kept her as she was, in her home.

Joe jumps up and says it's enough. He confesses to killing his mother and says Ben had nothing to do with it. He suddenly collapses.

In the hospital Ben yells at comatose Joe and cries. He tells Benson he has nothing left. Machines start beeping. Benson has a hard time getting Ben out of the roo.

The doctor comes out later and says Joe is gone. Ben goes to see him one last time. Stone goes to drop charges against Ben. Ben confesses the abuse he suffered to Joe's body while Benson listens.


Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 10 Quotes

Carisi: Any signs of rape?
Benson: No.
Carisi: So what are we doing here?
Benson: She isn't a she, at least not physically. We may be looking at a hate crime.

Cop: It's a nasty one, Sonny.
Carisi: Aren't they all?