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A small child is running outside in his pajamas. A Hispanic woman calls his name. He turns around. He is covered in blood. She screams, in Spanish and in English.

SVU is called to the scene. It is gruesome, everyone has been stabbed to death in their beds, a lot of blood. Benson is horrified. Rollins calls. The little boy died too.

Carisi goes to the mother's place of work.She is a lawyer. He breaks the news to her.

At the police station, Anna cries and cries. Who would kill her children? Who would have such a grudge? The only person who had a key to her house was her nanny, Delores, who did not come to work today. Delores' apartment is searched. It is empty but the knife and bloody clothes are there.

Delores is missing but is quickly found hiding in her brother's apartment. She is arrested. Delores claims she found everyone dead and panicked and grabbed the knife. She was afraid she'd be arrested.

Benson believes her. No one else does. Fin and Carisi theorize that Delores was having an affair with Julian Mills and he rejected her. Anna seems shocked by this idea.

Carisi gets a voicemail to Julian from his friend Tom, threatening to kill him. Tom is interviewed. He was angry because Julian pulled out of plans to go to Paris to write poetry together. Anna said they couldn't afford it. Something was going on with her.

Rollins looks at Anna's financial records. She had a lot of money. She also had a shell company run by her husband, a law firm she was making clients pay into. The cops get a warrant and search her office and find bloody shoes.

Anna confesses. She says she had to, her family is better off now.

A psychiatrist interviews Anna. Anna tells a story of a cockroach that tried to avoid falling into the stove. She killed her kids because it's better to die in your sleep than die the way the cockroach did.

Psychiatrist says Anna is a family annihilator. Usually they're male, sometimes female like her, have a nervous breakdown when they experience financial setbacks and kill their families. Benson doesn't buy it, thinks it's BS meant to get Anna off. Stone thinks she needs proof of premeditation.

Benson questions Delores who has finally been released from jail. Delores says that Anna said "adios" instead of "buenos noches" and kissed her. Benson thinks this is proof and that the legal system is really broken if Anna isn't punished. Anna's lawyer O'Boyle shows up. Benson doesn't like him. She goes.

At trial, Benson testifies and insists Anna was sane even though she's not a psychiatrist. O'Boyle says the moment of the murder is all that matters.

At the squad room, Rollins has got some flowers she doesn't want. Benson and Rollins are both shaken by this case because they are mothers. They hug. Benson suggests Rollins keep the flowers.

Back in court, Anna testifies. She says she loved her children. She was expected to work, that was how you get a perfect life. But her life wasn't perfect so she had to kill them. Stone gets her to admit she wanted to die herself. He asks why she didn't just kill herself. Judge doesn't allow that.

Closing arguments.O'Boyle argues Anna is crazy, driven insane by high-powered women claiming women can do it all. Stone says unrealistic expectations are not an excuse for murder.

Anna is acquitted of killing her kids but not of killing her husband. She commits suicide in jail.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 7 Quotes

Benson: No sign of forced entry.
Carisi: Coffee cups, empty cereal bowls...
Benson: Just another day.
Carisi: Until it wasn't.

Fin: Who the hell stabs a kid?
Cop: The devil.