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At a fancy restaurant, a woman named Kayla is waiting tables. Later, she is waiting at an afterparty and is drunk and patrons try to touch her inappropriately. Later, she is found in a Uber with her blouse ripped.

Meanwhile, Benson's son refuses to eat the salad she gives him and has a tantrum about wanting pizza.

The Uber driver claims he didn't touch Kayla. Kayla refuses to talk about what happened. She says she is fuzzy and had too much to drink but insists she is not a victim.

The cops question her co-workers and learn that Kayla was last seen in the wine cellar with Andrew Leibowitz, the head chef. Fin and Carisi question Andrew, who is more interested in his expensive wines than talking to them. He admits to sex with Kayla but says it's consensual.

Kayla tells Fin and Rollins it's not black and white and yes she didn't want to have sex but no it wasn't rape. 

The cops question other women and learn Andrew rapes his waitresses and then takes their underwear. All three cases were taken by ADA Chris Hodges, who didn't prosecute.

Stone questions Hodges, who says he wishes he could have prosecuted but the victims were not credible.

Stone needs Kayla's testimony. He goes to see her and she doesn't want to lose her job. Stone tells her he knows Andrew took her underwear and that he is prosecuting this case to help him get over what happened to his sister. Kayla reluctantly agrees. Leibowitz is arrested at his restaurant and promptly fires Kayla.

At arraignment, Stone wants $2 million bail and to bring in the other victims as witnesses. The defense argues this is prejudicial. The judge agrees when he learns Hodges kicked the cases because the witnesses had credibility issues.

Rollins and Fin look into Andrew's financials but can't find proof he paid off any victims. Stone talks to Hodges and learns he went to high school with Leibowitz.

Benson leaks the story to the press and a woman shows up and says Hodges raped her when she was 15. She tells a story that is almost identical in details to Christina Ford's story. Benson believes her. Carisi questions the woman's friend who semi-corroborates.

Hodges is called in and is aggravated. He wants to clear his name so he can run for office and agrees to wear a wire.

Hodges meets Andrew for some reminiscing about girls and asks him about the waitresses. Andrew confesses to that. Hodges tells him that Stone came to see him and he's running for office so he doesn't want any trouble. Andrew insists that Hodges raped Bethany. They start arguing. Hodges is shocked that he is arrested too. Hodges yells at Stone that they're coming for him someday.

Rollins tells Benson that she waited tables in high school and that someone tried to assault her. Kayla comes in to see them and Benson says the old cases are being reopened. Kayla is thrilled.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 8 Quotes

Driver: I'm the victim here!
Fin: You ripped her blouse!
Driver: Did she say I did that?

Man: Just run my card. [pulls waitress onto his lap]
Waitress: All right, gentlemen. It's not that kind of club.