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Stone has fun playing baseball with Noah, who Benson comments is having behavior problems. She thinks maybe he needs masculine energy in his life.

A guy drops a woman off at her apartment. She leaves the door open while she goes to walk the dog. Later she comes back and calls for her boyfriend but instead finds an intruder with a knife who forces her onto the bed and rapes her while her boyfriend is tied up.

Later the woman is sobbing. Benson tries to comfort her and question her. He threatened to kill her husband if she screamed. Husband says he was tied up with plates on his back so the perp could hear if he moved and would kill the wife if he did.

25 years ago this guy targeted couples and would tie up the husband, etc. He has not done it since 1998. Benson says not to alert Crime Stoppers, they are keeping it quiet for the moment. Carisi is sent to help Stone get info. They find a billion case files. Carisi discovers that Stone's father was the DA on this case.

Benson questions April again. Did she see anyone watching them or the building? Does she remember anything else he said? April says he told her to shut up and covered her mouth. She remembers that she couldn't find her hairbrush right before the attack.

Carisi and Stone find a photo of Stone as a child in the case file. They inform the others that they think this is a copycat. Rollins looks at Wikipedia and finds it was updated two hours before the assault. They find its an obsessed guy named Carl Patton and go to see him. Some woman with an attitude answers the door. They go looking for Carl in the house and find a workroom with news clippings etc. Carl also has an attitude and Fin doesn't want to cuff him. Carisi does it.

Carl is excited that everyone will know who he is. Fin and Carisi are not interested in his games, especially Fin. Carl wants to confess.

There is evidence that Carl raped April but he is too young to be the original Infinity Rapist despite his claims. They also found a letter from the real Infinity to Ben Stone

Carl objects that he wasn't charged with 25 counts. Stone asks for remand. The judge grants it. Carl smirks.

Some reporter named Claire Newberry bothers Stone. She's written three books about Infinity and wants to interview Stone about growing up with a father obsessed with this case. Stone says he doesn't know anything. He talks to Carisi and finds out Carl bought the letter from a black market dealer.

The letter shows Infinity was stalking Stone as a child and Stone remembers being sent to his aunt and resenting his dad at that time. On the TV, Claire is interviewing Carl. Carl claims to be the new Infinity.

Claire is the next one raped and Carisi thinks it's the real Infinity.

Claire is sure it was the real Infinity. She says she wanted to fight but her husband said no. Everything was just like her research. She says he was an old man.

Benson says everyone is looking for Infinity. With advancements of DNA tech, maybe they can find him. She says the letter had nothing on it. Stone thinks there may be other letters out there. Benson sends him to the dealer on the Lower East Side to look.

Fin and Carisi go to see the dealer. Carisi says the guy is trafficking stolen merchandise. The guy says he runs a legit operation and this is a shakedown. The cops want all of his Infinity stuff. 

They found DNA on a stamp in 1983 but it doesn't match anything. Stone understands how his dad felt. Carisi got a hit off a genealogy site. Benson tells him to go talk to the woman. She is shocked when they show up at her door. She says her parents are dead and she has no cousins or brothers. She says could it be Uncle Edgar? He's 68 and retired a few years ago. She says he's the sweetest man in the world and doesn't think what they're doing is legal. 

Edgar is arrested. Amy asks what he did. Carisi tries to tell her he's the Infinity Rapist. She says she's getting him a lawyer.

Edgar is given a DNA test. He denies that he is the rapist. Benson is confident that he is. She thinks it was all people on his cable repair route. Stone comes in with Edgar's lawyer who immediately recognizes him as Ben Stone's son. Lawyer won't let him talk.

They have evidence of Edgar raping Claire. No evidence for the other 22 rapes. Carisi says there is legal precedent for what he did. Stone says there is no precedent in NY. Defense wants to exclude DNA. They argue in court. Stone argues imminent danger. Defense attorney says this leads to a police state. Judge grants a motion to dismiss. She says the evidence doesn't support the indictment. Edgar is free to go. Edgar informs Stone that his father would have done better.

Carisi meets Amy. She says her uncle hasn't called her back.  She realizes he's the Infinity Rapist. She tells a story of how her grandmother used to lock Edgar and her mom in their rooms and tell them not to make a sound while grandfather raped grandmother.

Peter says that Edgar saw Ben Stone as a father figure and even sent him a Father's Day card. He wanted to confess to Ben.

They arrest Edgar on driving on a suspended license. He wants to talk to Ben Stone.

Stone reads one of Infinity's letters to Edgar. Stone mentions Ben telling him about Infinity's traumatic childhood, being made to listen to his father listen to his mother. Edgar is shocked that Ben knew about that. He is also shocked that Ben kept his card. He is smiling. Stone says Infinity was an idiot as the card had golf clubs when Ben didn't play golf. Edgar insisted that Ben spent more time with Infinity than his own family and there was a relationship. Edgar gets mad and insists that's not true because he knows. Benson asks him what he knows and he looks at the table. He says he would wait outside the DA's office. He says Ben cared about him, not Stone.

Stone tells Benson how his father missed his ball game because he was hunting Infinity. He was angry and wouldn't talk to his dad that night. THe next day his dad wrote in his diary that Peter won his game and he hoped he'd forgive him. Benson tells Peter it's time to forgive his father.

Noah is mad that Benson is home early. Benson says sometimes people get in bad moods and are upset about something else. She asks him what's wrong. Noah says Jeremy asks where his dad is and he said in Heaven. He asks if his dad loved him. Benson says of course he did and when he gets older she'll tell him all about him. She says it's team you and me and I feel lucky to be on that team. He says he does too. She hugs him. Someone is at the door. It's Peter. He's there to play catch with Noah. Noah is excited and leaves with Peter. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 12 Quotes

Fin: Any idea how he got in?
Gavin: We just got back from the holidays. The door was propped open. I thought there was something off about our doorknob.

Stone: You got a good kid.
Benson: You should see him at dinner time or bedtime or homework time.