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A woman tells her mom she's going to sleep after a couple of drinks. She collapses on the bed and then sits up. A guy in a mask attacks her.

Victim doesn't want to leave her apartment. Rollins and Kat talk to her. She seems out of it. She only saw his eyes for a second. He told her to be a good girl and tied her hands. Then he raped her. When he was done he said he'd kill her if she called the cops.

Kat and Rollins tell Benson that the victim did agree to a rape kit but they don't expect much. Rollins finds there are six such cases in the Bronx that have not been reported in the news. Benson tells Fin to stop reading his emails and decides to go see Lt Berek of the Bronx SVU to find out why they were not looped in.

Berek says she knows this serial. It's a Bronx case so Benson wants to coordinate. Berek thinks it's a Bronx case. She doesn't want Manhattan in on the case because it'll hurt morale.

Berek is still insisting this is too many boots/too many cooks. She backs down when Benson brings up Garland's name.

Benson wants to reinterview all the victims. Berek is all helpful now and wants to sit in despite her detective's misgivings.

Kat and Fin question the victims. The guy didn't threaten them. He acted like he liked them.

The Inwood vic says the guy threatened her. Ari tells her that was an empty threat. Rosie remembers whiskey on his breath. Mulvaney tells her it doesn't matter that she was drinking too.

Carisi is brought in. He's glad Berek is being cooperative. Meanwhile the rapist strikes again in the Bronx.

Mulvaney gives a statement to the press about the serial. He and Fin get into a fight about whose case it is and start shoving each other.

Garland is not happy that this nonsense made the front page of the NY Ledger. Berek says Mulvaney hasn't been sleeping. Benson says that Mulvaney needs to get some rest or he's gonna blow the case. Berek starts yelling at Benson. Garland says they are not setting a good example and that the two of them need to set up a joint task force and catch the rapist.

Kat talks to a cop from the Bronx who says there was another case in this same neighborhood on April 9 and the  case was tossed. Ari says the CO threw the case away. Too busy dealing with COVID. Benson sends Rollins with him to reinterview the victim, who didn't go to the hospital at the time because of COVID.

The victim has the same story as everyone else. The perp threatened her too. He was chatty with 7 of the victims but quiet and threatening with two (possible two people?)

There is a rape in progress and the perp on the run. Ari offers for Rollins to go home but she insists on going with. All of SVU chases the perp. Rollins doesn't like the way Ari is driving. They chase the guy into an Expo Center. Ari nearly shoots Rollins (in a scene reminiscent of the end of Silence of the Lambs). Lots of running. Ari shoots the guy for no apparent reason (except maybe Rollins calling his name).

Ari and Rollins argue over whether the shooting was justified. The perp is arrested. After he is taken away Rollins says he was unarmed.

The gun has not been found. Anyway, the perp's lawyer claims they made up the serial rapes because they shot at him. The sleazy lawyer keeps insisting they are pinning things on his client, who is not listening to his attorney at all.

The cops want alibis for dates last year. He only has an answer for April 9. He says he was locked up in Tallahassee.

Ari insists this is our perp. Benson says check with Talahassee PD. No IDs. Ari wants to talk to the perp one-on-one.

They do a voice lineup. Rosie isn't sure. She says it's not any of them. However 5 of 7 in the Bronx victims ID them. Rollins points out this is a bit different MO. Benson says it can't be a copycat with no press on the cases.

Fin and Rollins talk about the shooting. They are here to talk to Rosie but Ari has already been here. Apparently, he wants her to do the voice lineup again and this time she'll ID him. (Ari seems awfully corrupt.)

Fin and Benson talk to Garland. Fin thinks Ari is witness tampering. Also Gonzalez is not good for all the rapes. Garland agrees there is a problem. He wants them to discretely investigate Ari.

Kat talks to Rose who says Muldivan is the only guy cop who has never hit on her. He encouraged her to get rape kits before anything else. He was drunk on the night Rosie was raped.

Closed door meeting. It is possible that Muldivan is the one who raped Rosie. Kat is sent out of the room. Fin asks Rollins about the shooting again. Yes, Muldivan could have been trying to kill Gonzales.

The cops talk to a guy that Muldivan pressed to confess to six rapes. Muldivan promised him to be locked up close to home and screwed him over.

Garland is appalled. Carisi says there's no way to prove any of this. Benson is worried Muldivan will wriggle out. However he has been losing control since Manhattan SVU has been on the case. Garland says they can speed up his devolution.

Rollins meets Muldivan with some story about how she's under investigation over the shooting. He tells her not to change her story. She says Rosie ID'd him. Muldivan claims Rosie was here at the bar and was drunk and he tried to help her but she blamed him. He worked his ass off for incompetent CO after another. She gets a text to look under the bar. He tries to kidnap Rollins at gunpoint. A bunch of cops run in and Muldivan threatens to kill himself but doesn't go through with it. He is arrested.

Rosie is mad at Kat for working her. She says Kat and Rollins are rats. She is angry that Kat wasn't straight with her and made them all look bad. Now she'll never be promoted. She threatens to not give Kat any backup.

Muldivan is on suicide watch at Rikers. Garland convinced 1PP not to cut a deal. Berek feels bad that she didn't see it. She thinks she should resign but Garland says he will transfer her back to homicide.

Berek tells Benson she is always being told she doesn't delegate/work with others a lot. Benson says Muldivan was a good detective but 20 years at SVU will eat you up. Benson hopes she hasn't devolved but it does take a toll. She is sure BErek will get through this.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 7 Quotes

Benson: You're new to SVU. We like to coordinate.
Berek: Look, Deputy Chief Garland was very clear what my job was. To build up trust in the Bronx. We bring Manhattan in, there goes morale.
Benson: There's a rapist out there. Shouldn't that be our priority?

Kat: Vic still in the apartment?
Uniform: She didn't want to leave. I didn't argue. That's your job.