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March 2020. A restaurant owner loses a big reservation because of COVID.

A Hispanic family deals with COVID. The son wants to drop out of school because he can't go back to the dorms. The family plays music out the window.

In June the wife makes the husband work on renovating her restaurant.

The son has gone out without a mask and the father says he has to go to Michigan because his father is ill. The grandmother appears to have a fever,

November 2020. Eddie had gone to Michigan. The woman's mother has COVID. They have to let go of most of the restaurant employees. The mother is in the hospital.

January 2021. The mother has died and the restaurant owner is in danger of losing her restaurant. There is a call from the landlord. The restaurant owner is being evicted. She takes a gun.

Rollins father has been brought to NY. He is a pain in the butt. Also he thinks Carisi is her boyfriend and when she says he's not he calls all her lovers losers.

Kat and Benson role play dealing with a violently mentally ill person.

Later, Benson goes to get takeout from the restaurant and finds out that the owner, Vanessa, is holding a knife on some officers. Benson decides to walk in and deal with this herself. She sends the cops away.

Vanessa is holding Joey at knifepoint and Benson says let him go and take me. She gets her to put down the knife but she gets a gun instead.

The cops outside consider Vanessa a threat and don't like that Benson went in by herself. Ira, the manager, talks to Kat and Garland. Vanessa is on edge.

Joey appears to be having a heart attack. Benson tells him to breathe through his nose. Vanessa insists Benson should make them  let her keep her restaurant. Benson convinces her she doesn't need Joey.

Meanwhile, Rollins' dad might have had another stroke.

Joey is released but the hostage situation has gone viral. They get Eddie on the phone for Vanessa.  Vanessa hasn't talked to Eddie since Thanksgiving. He lied about only going for a few weeks. Benson convinces her to talk to him anyway.

Eddie and Vanessa argue. She doesn't want him to come back. She tells Benson to get out or she'll shoot her.

A doctor tells Rollins that her father has had a CVA and asks about a living will. Carisi offers to stay with Rollins. She is upset that Benson isn't answering her calls. Carisi fills her in.

The cops want to shoot Vanessa. Garland says she is NOT a criminal.

Vanessa has no insurance and can't afford a psychiatrist. She has taken pills and gotten all upset that people aren't wearing masks. Benson offers her a hug and she suddenly pulls the gun out and tells her to get back or else.

Rollins' dad has messed up finances. All of a sudden Amber Lynn, her stepmother, shows up. She says Rollins' mother called her. She also implies that Carisi is Rollins' boyfriend. She wishes Rollins had come to the wedding. Rollins says it was a pandemic and where was she last week anyway? Amber Lynn says he is too proud. Have they asked Rollins about a DNR.

Vanessa says she has lost everything. Nate has run off and disappeared. She says she blamed him for her mother getting sick and kicked him out. Benson says she has to try to take that back. Nate has blocked her everywhere.

Benson says she won't stop her from ending things but she has to tell her son she's sorry. She cannot let that boy carry that load for the rest of his life.

Garland promises Benson on the phone to find Nate. A cop outside is annoyed they didn't know about Nate before. Garland is sure they don't want the headlines of shooting a beloved chef. He sends Kat to find out where Nate is. Ira doesn't know but Eddie might.

Carisi calls Nicole and cancels their date to be with Rollins. Rollins rants about Amber Lynn. Just then a nurse says Rollins' dad can have visitors and assumes Carisi is Rollins' husband and lets him come too. Rollins has found out that Amber Lynn has taken out a life insurance policy. Amber Lynn pushes her way in too.

Vanessa complains that Nate and Eddie thought that the pandemic was her fault. She says Benson hasn't lost anything. Benson tells her about Tucker. Vanessa says they were so in love, try again with him. Benson tells her that she lost him as well as Tucker. She talks about her guilt over the last message she left Simon.

Nate doesn't believe his mom wants to talk to him. He rants about how his parents have treated him. Kat tells him that his mom has a gun. Nate says his mom won't forgive him. Ira says she needs him.

Rollins tells Jessie on the phone to go to sleep. Carisi has got an update for Kat. She asks about his parents. They laugh about the way his parents behave. He doesn't want to tell her what he was going to tell her before (about Nicole). She doesn't know what she's going to do. She's never seen her dad like this. How can she be the grown-up?

Rollins confronts Amber Lynn about outstanding warrants for forgery and everything. She can't find a divorce record from the first husband so maybe they'e not married. She suggests Amber Lynn leave before she gets arrested. She then suggests Amber Lynn won't want to take care of Jim. Amber Lynn decides to go. Rollins is thrilled she's gone.

Vanessa is losing it thinking about Nate and about what she's done. Benson tells her everyone has lost it due to this pandemic and that Vanessa just needs to ask for help. Nate calls. Vanessa surrenders and Benson wants to go with her to the station. A bunch of people are cheering for her and have raised money to keep the restaurant open. Garland tells Benson she saved Vanessa's life and asks her to take some time off for herself.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 22 Episode 12 Quotes

Benson: Vanessa. You don't need to do this. I am here and I am listening.
Vanessa: This is my goddamned restaurant and no one is taking it from me!

It's not COVID. Before COVID, you were working 14-hour days, I was working nights. We didn't have time to realize how unhappy we were.