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After a flashback of Serena telling her not to be a cop, Benson answers Noah's question about how old she would be.  She doesn't really want to talk about Serena.

At work, Amaro is there to surprise her. He now works in forensic science, solving cold cases (hah!) He has a case from 1996 he wants to reopen. It was one of Craegan's cases. They had arrested someone who recanted his confession. Amaro is looking into the case.

A crime writer named Burton Low comes to see Amaro. He walks in and it turns out that he and Olivia know each other.  She says they are old friends.

There is a flashback of younger Benson telling Novak that her mom set her up with someone when she was 21 who wanted to marry her. In the present, Burton says Serena would have been proud. Anyway... the case? Benson said she called Cragen and that Ian had confessed. But Ian had a concussion and was knocked out before Haley was killed. Burton thinks Ian was just guilt ridden. Anyway Ian's mother wrote to Burton. Ian could have been out on parole but he refused to apologize when he was innocent. Amaro says all he needs is 15 cells of DNA.

Warner pulls the DNA for them. The kit has been in freezer purgatory all this time. Amaro understands the science and by the way is working on a biophysics degree.

Benson talks to Burton. It turns out that her mother interfered, telling her that Burton had another girlfriend and Burton that he'd be expelled if he ever contacted Olivia again. Anyway Ian arrives for a cognitive reenactment -- favor from Carisi.  He looks upset as he stares out at the track. He is freaking out. Ian jogs down the track, worrying the cops guarding him.

Ian recalls the night of Haley's death. It was warm and dark. He lit a cigarette and then they kissed and started making out. He was kissing her with his eyes closed. He heard footsteps on the gravel and someone hit him over the head and kidnapped Haley. He ran home and his parents took him to the hospital and he was so messed up he thought he did it. He loved Haley.

Another flashback (fantasy?) where Benson recalls saying she said yes to Burton because she wanted to get away from her mother. Rollins thinks Burton is still into Olivia and that's why he's here.

So the DNA is inconclusive, which does nothing for Ian. Amaro says they can search ancestry sites now. Benson says this is pretty old school even if it's higher tech.

They fill in Ian. They found a relative on a genealogical website. They have a suspect -- the girls' tennis coach. Ian says Mr. Murray loved Haley.

Cragen talks to Amaro and Rolllins on video chat. He says Murray wasn't a suspect but was a chaperone at the prom and saw Ian and Haley get in a fight and that he said that Haley found Ian creepy. He had no reason not to believe Murray, who was like a second father to Haley.

The detectives go to see Haley's mother, who has preserved Haley's room as it was the day she died. Roger Murray tutored Haley and helped her with college planning. She says she told Burton that Haley's death wasn't entertainment. She wants to be left alone.

Carisi goes to talk to Roger Murray with Amaro. Roger insists that Ian is guilty. They pretend to agree that Ian is guilty and ask for a DNA sample to rule him out. Roger's wife wants him to do whatever they ask.

The cops interview Roger, who says he loved Haley and tried to protect her but let her down that night. Roger admits he might have touched her corsage and her arm when he pulled her away from Ian. He says he doesn't remember if it was on the field or at the dance. He says Haley was afraid of Ian and he wanted to protect her. He admits to following Ian. Ian was all over Haley so he stopped it. He hit him with the champagne bottle. He wants a lawyer (now???)

Burton thinks Roger was aroused by kidnapping Haley. He asks Liv how she can do this. She says it's a lot but she spends time with her son, walks, etc. Burton wants to go on a walk with her.

Burton loves New York and says his ex ruined Paris for him. She went to Paris with an ex once too. He asks her in for a nightcap. He kisses her then apologizes. Benson didn't mind.

In a flashback, Benson talks to Stabler about how girls with absent fathers often have attractions to older men and it happened to her.

Benson is in bed and Burton is pouring a drink. Benson says she is time traveling. Burton can't believe all those years didn't matter. He thinks of them when he thinks of her. Benson s says that was a sweet night. Burton says so is this. They start kissing but her phone buzzes. It's Amaro. Semen sample is a match to Roger Murray. Burton is shocked and happy. They kiss but the sitter texts next so Benson has to go. She will get Ian released and she knows what lawyer to call.

She calls Langford (Mariska's real life husband). Carisi can't declare Murray guilty without due process. Burton wants to testify. Carisi wants real witnesses.

Burton walks off and Langford warns Benson about Burton's reputation.

Cragen calls Benson. He says make sure Haley's mother is at that hearing as Murray is trying to fight the DNA evidence.

Amaro testifies at the hearing. Murray's lawyer sings his praises and thinks the ADA is being used to publicize the DNA company. The DNA is admitted anyway. Murray wants to change his plea. Judge says not the time and place. Murray says he killed that girl and he's sorry. Everyone is shocked.

Carisi says this is probably over soon. Burton is thrilled. He wants to have dinner with Benson. Some girl shows up and says asks Burton what he did to her. She claims he raped her and she wants him arrested.

Burton and Benson argue. Burton insists nothing happened. He admits he took her to his hotel room but it was consensual. He wants to know what do they do now? Benson says now she has to recuse herself from this case. Her sergeant will call Burton.

Andrea tells Rollins and Fin that she put it out of her mind for 10 years but this press made her angry. She wanted to be a writer and interned for Burton's editor. They talked about books, art, and music.  She remembers being drunk in his hotel room and passing out and waking up while he was inside her. She's never told anyone until today.

Fin says drunk -- maybe not consensual. Statute of limitations may be gone on that. Benson says she will talk to Burton and wants Rollins and Fin to look into Burton's employers.

Rollins is so sorry. She says Burton groomed Andrea.

Benson gets a glass of wine and a box down. She finds Burton's tapes and listens to them, crying. She gives the tape to Rollins, who realizes Burton did the same thing to Benson. Meanwhile Andrea posted about her assault and five women said Burton did the same thing to them.

The women come forward. Burton had sex with them in hotel rooms after a nightcap. Eight or nine women said they felt pressured but it wasn't rape.

Amaro feels used. Benson thinks Burton was sincere about wanting to free Ian. Fin knew Burton was bad news. Benson tells Amaro she doesn't want what Burton did to overshadow Ian being exonerated. Benson insists she was in love when she was 16 and it was her choice to be with Burton.m Amaro insists Burton victimized her. Benson doesn't want to hear it.

Benson has a flashback of telling someone how her mom attacked her with a broken bottle over Burton. She walks to his hotel room and knocks. He apologized for the awkward situation. He keeps pushing her to drink with him. He seems drunk. His podcast is on hold because of Andrea. Is this resolved? Benson tells him that her detectives found Andrea's story credible. The case is beyond the statute of limitations. Burton insists he is innocent. SHe won't tell him who else is accusing him. Burton admits he hasn't been a saint and has slept with many women but never took advantage of anyone. Benson says that's not what these women are saying. The women looked up to him and he abused their trust. He says they didn't complain at the time. He doesn't see what he did wrong. He wants Olivia to defend him. She can't. He slept with her when she was 16 and technically that was sexual assault too. Burton says so now you're a victim? We were in love! Benson s says she was a teenager and wanted to get away from her mother. Burton says Serena was crazy. Benson says maybe she was trying to protect me. Burton remembers the sex they had 40 years ago. Is she going to say he raped her the other night? What did she want? An apology for him being in love with her? Benson says maybe. Burton says she's not going to get it.  She's done with him. She leaves and he throws his glass.

Flashback of Benson's mother saying if her father hadn't raped her, Benson would not be here. Benson calls Amaro and leaves him a message apologizing. She throws Burton's tape in the river.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 23 Episode 6 Quotes

Amaro: I work in forensic DNA.
Benson: Cold cases. That's a good fit for you.

Noah: If your mom was still alive, how old would she be?
Benson: Serena would be 77.
Noah: Wow. And you were already a detective when she died?
Benson: Yes, I was.
Noah: Did she like you being a detective?
Benson: It sounds to me like right now you're the one being a detective.