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A guy harasses a woman on the way to the subway. Moments after she gets rid of him, she hears gunshots fired and finds a body by a dumpster in an alley.

The victim was a cop on the job. Cosgrove knows him.

Deputy Chief McGrath immediately makes a statement. Meanwhile, the woman who heard the gunshots gets questioned hard by Cosgrove who insists she must have seen someone. Bernard stops him.

At Jimmy's wake, Bernard and Cosgrove want to talk to Mrs. Doyle. He asks her if she has any idea why Jimmy was shot. She doesn't. SHe says they split up 3 years ago. But he was her best friend.

The cops talk to another woman who has been dating Jimmy since the divorce. They went to dinner last night and nothing happened. She says it's not fair. Jimmy was special. Her friends didn't understand how a Black woman could date a White cop. But none of them confronted Jimmy. However, someone did harass her over it.

A guy says he had feelings for Jimmy's girlfriend but he didn't kill Jimmy. He doesn't even own a gun. Video evidence shows he was watching Jimmy kiss Ezre goodnight. He left after but says he heard the gunshots but didn't see anything. All he saw was some white dude running down Broadway 10 second after the gunshots.

Dixon says they have to find out who this guy is. Tech has already found out.

The suspect says he's not answering questions without a lawyer and gives the cops contact info. The guy has no priors, gun, or connection to Doyle. Cosgrove wonders why he won't talk to them if he's innocent. It turns out the guy was at a charity event for at-risk teen girls. The person who runs the charity says there are rumors about Scott.

A girl says she has been in the program for two years and is in college. She knows Scott. She says they're sort of involved. Her older sister comes home and is concerned. She won't let the girl answer questions and kicks the cops out.

Cosgrove and Bernard meet with Benson.  Benson knows the case. She doesn't believe the girl hit her head on the table as claimed. She was going to check in with the girl anyway.

The cops go to Scott and his lawyer. Lawyer wants immunity for charges related to Regina. Scott says Regina is nuts. Cosgrove threatens to have Scott arrested. Scott says he knows who was involved in the murder but he won't say a word without immunity.

Bernard reports that Benson told him Regina won't tell them anything. Sam is annoyed because Scott is abusing her. Dixon says they need to make a deal because they need to find out who killed this cop.

Sam makes the deal. Scott says Kendra confronted him and made crazy accusations. She pulled a gun on him and Jimmy tried to intervene. Scott ran away and heard gunshots.

Kendra says that she told Scott to stay away from her sister but nothing else happened. However they have evidence that says otherwise and arrest Kendra.

Dixon makes a statement. She tells McCoy that they will support him in any way. McCoy says we don't know why the detective got shot. McGrath starts up his thing about how this case is so important and they have to heal the city and protect cops. He wants McCoy to send a message.

DNA evidence proves Kendra is the shooter, but there's no evidence of motive. McCoy thinks they should just use the evidence they had. Nolan says but Kendra had no priors etc. Sam says people in some communities don't trust the police. McCoy says Kendra has to pay for what happened. Price says the defendant says Doyle used racial slurs against her. McCoy doesn't care about the optics. Base the decision on facts and law.

Price charges Kendra with manslaughter, angering cops who think he's a coward. Cosgrove is especially angry. He says if Kendra Daniels was White - Price says if you don't understand the reality here, that's on you. Cosgrove nearly punches him. Bernard tries to get Cosgrove to back off. Cosgrove claims Price is making excuses for Kendra because she's Black. Bernard tries to tell him it isn't that straightforward. He also respects what Price is doing.

Scott testifies that Doyle ID'd himself as NYPD and he and Kendra started running.

Harris tries to ask about immunity and isn't allowed to. He also points out that Doyle pursued Kendra and not Scott. Could Doyle see the color of their skins? On redirect, Price points out that only Kendra had a gun.

Harris calls a Detective Michelle Pierce of IAB to the stand. For some reason, Price doesn't know who she is. He asks to see the judge in chambers.

Harris says he wants to prove Doyle was racist. Price says it's irrelevant as Kendra was threatening Scott with a gun. Also this is prejudicial. Harris says race is foundational to his defense. He thinks racism was behind what happened. Price argues that Harris is trying to distract from the case. The judge agrees with the defense. Price suggests this is an election year trick.

IAB reads two reports about how Doyle allegedly abused two Black suspects.

Price cross-examines and points out the charges were not found to be substantiated. He gets admonished when he calls the accusers degenerate criminals.

Price complains to Sam that the judge is giving Harris whatever he wants. Jimmy's wife yells at Price that he shouldn't have let them destroy Jimmy's reputation and storms off. Sam agrees that it isn't fair but there's nothing they can do about it. Price says they have to rebut the idea that Doyle is a racist. Sam thinks they should call Doyle's girlfriend. They do it.

Harris has some video that he says proves Doyle was racist despite dating a Black woman. He called her brown sugar.

Kendra testifies she doesn't trust cops because they have hurt people she loved. She says she panicked and he told her to get her Black ass on the ground and demanding she complied with his orders. She says even when Black people comply they get hurt. She says she told him she had a gun and he came at her so she thought he was going to shoot her so she did what she did because she didn't want to die.

Price cross examines and points out Kendra didn't call 911 or try to help after shooting Doyle.

Kendra is found not guilty of the first charge and the cops in attendance get very upset. She is found guilty of the second charge and her supporters complain she didn't do anything wrong.

Sam thinks the fact that both sides are outraged means it was a good result.


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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 10 Quotes

Cosgrove: Were there any arguments, confrontations?
Mrs. Doyle: I don't know. Jimmy and I split up three years ago.

Cop: The victim was James Doyle, Detective Second Grade.
Cosgrove: Jimmy. He goes by Jimmy, not James.
Cop: Oh. Sorry.
Cosgrove[ to Jimmy]: See ya on the other side, brother.