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Price tells McCoy about the evidence against Serenko. McCoy says the two murders alone are worth a life sentence. Sam says they also found three bodies in the building. McCoy says they should get to work.

Price doesn't get why Serenko would make an international political statement. Sam says well we know Serenko killed Ava and Vince and planted the bomb. Does it matter why? Price says it could, if they are missing something.

Price questions Nicole, who has no idea who the man Ava recorded was but knows he is old and has an accent, maybe Russian or Chechnyan. He also was very neat and had dark, spiky hair. He had a military medal shaped like a star. Benson takes her hand.

Rollins is trying to look into events with Russian/Chechnyan politicians wearing military garb. She gets a lead. She finds out there was a party at the Russian embassy the night before the murder.

THe man Ava was recording is associated with Putin. McCoy doesn't see the relevance. Price doesn't know yet but Serenko wouldn't care about NATO. He thinks this other guy is calling the shots and thinks he got away with it. McCoy says can we prove it?

Dixon calls Stabler to help them with this. She also says she is sorry about the informant. Stabler thanks her and asks for Jet to pull up a video. Serenko was talking to a guy, Andre, who was scared of Rublev. Rublev had cold eyes.  The dude's best friend was Putin. Dixon says this is good. It's proof Serenko knows Rublev but doesn't necessarily prove that Rublev is calling the shots or connected to the crimes. They need Andre.

Stabler approaches Andre, who wants to call his lawyer. Stabler threatens to bust him in front of his friends and tell his friends he is a snitch. Andre reluctantly agrees to come with him voluntarily.

Andre won't testify. He says he doesn't know if Rublov is his boss as he reports to Serenko. Was he on the yacht when Ava was murdered?  He admits Rublov thought Ava was recording him. He doesn't know if Rublev told Serenko to kill Ava or bomb the conference. He was trying to mind his own business. However, he found Ava's phone and turns it over rather than getting arrested for sex trafficking.

The video shows Rublov coming on to the young girls and saying he will show America how powerful Russia is. He will be doing something big and there will be a loud boom. McCoy wants Rublov arrested now.

Rublov's bodyguard tries to interfere with the arrest and Shaw has to throw the bodyguard against the car to arrest him.

PRice thinks they should try the suspects separately. But at least they do have some evidence against Rublov.

The defense makes a motion to surpress as there is nobody to corroborate the recording. PRice thinks that's ridiculous but since Andre wants to remain anonymous, they can't use it.

Since Andre is out, they have no case unless they get Nicole to testify.

Benson says Nicole is at a safe house until they find someone to take her in. She has no family. Her mother died of COVID two years ago and living with an aunt or a foster family didn't work out. So she ran away. Sam is shocked. Benson says they need to protect Nicole because nobody else ever has. Sam says they need her to testify anyway.  Sam will do her best to protect Nicole on th e stand but can't promise anything.

Rollins tries to talk to Nicole who is playing a fighting game. Nicole wants to go to Delfina after to try on lipsticks and beauty samples. She seems to have a good rapport with Rollins but someone shoots at her the second she exits the house. The cops shoot while Nicole is so scared she runs and Rollins gets shot trying to protect her. THere is a lot of blood. The other cop tells Nicole not to move and tries to talk to Rollins.

Benson comes running. Is Amanda alive? The other cop doesn't know but the EMTs are working on her. Good sign? How did the shooters know that Nicole was here? The cop tells Benson what happened. He hopes he did a good thing. Benson goes to talk to Nicole. Carisi comes up to her, crying. Is Amanda okay? Benson says Rollins is strong and if anyone can survive a gunshot wound, it's her.

Cosgrove sits with traumatized Nicole who wants to know if Amanda will be okay. Cosgrove says he meant they will help her. Benson interrupts this nonproductive conversation and Nicole runs to her and hugs her.

Nicole cries to Benson that Amanda saved her. What happened to her? Benson says Amanda lost a lot of blood so they would see. Nicole says this is her fault. Benson says Rollins will not die and this is not her fault. Nicole says I screwed up. Someone snapchatted her and she responded. She had a hidden phone. Benson tells her it's okay. She hugs her and says there were a million ways these people could have found her.

Benson explains to Price that Nicole is a kid. Rollins is stable but critical condition. Price says they need Nicole. Benson says Nicole has been through a lot and it's too risky. Price doesn't want to ignore that Nicole is their only witness. Benson is aware of who these people are and what they do. Price says then help me.

Benson tells Nicole that her aunt isn't doing well and won't take her in but they would find her a safe place to live and that was a promise. Right now she needs to talk to her about the case. She says it's okay with her if Nicole doesn't want to talk about it.

Price comes to see Benson. Benson says Nicole is in Toronto. She found a relative that would take her in. She will not testify. Price is angry that Rublov might walk free. Benson cares more about giving Nicole a semblance of a normal life.

McCoy is angry and wants a court order to bring the girl back to New York. Price says that is not easy. Extradition of minors can be rejected if it's not in the child's best interest.

Sam agrees with Benson. Nicole is an unreliable witness because of her trauma. She thinks they should cut a deal with Serenko. Price is disgusted though McCoy agrees with Sam.

Serenko talks. He admits he works with Rublev. He says he feels bad about Ava.  Price doesn't want to hear that. Just the facts, please. Serenko explains how Ava was recording with her phone and how she ran away after Rublev hit her.  Rublev said that Ava was going to the police and Serenko should kill her. So he did. Sam gets mad when he calls Ava a hooker. His lawyer wants to drop most of the charges and take life without parole off the table. Serenko gets 20 years. Sam hopes he gets stabben in prison.

Stabler confronts Price about the deal and says it's a bunch of crap. Price says he's right but - Stabler accuses him of chasing headlines. Price says the reality that we are following orders from the Attorney General. Stabler says tell Vince's mother that. He storms away.

Serenko testifies. The defense attorney implies that Serenko is a career criminal and liar who can't be trusted. Serenko says just because he kills people doesn't mean he's a liar.

Rublev is offering to exchange state secrets for a lighter sentence. Price says the State Department knows all this already. He doesn't want to cut a deal. Stop letting the State Department drive the train when they don't care about people. McCoy says he agrees with Price but he won't bury the offer.

Rublev wants immunity in exchange for sharing info about Putin. Price says no. The defense attorney threatens to call the Secretary of State. Price says he doesn't care what Rublev knows. Rublev says he needs Price's help. You have no idea who Putin really is and what he's capable of. Putin will kill him too and he is already dead, but he will also kill Rublev's wife and kids. That's why he will say whatever they want, if they will save his family. PRice walks off. He tells Sam he couldn't roll over no matter what.  While they are argung someone shoots Rublev in front of them. He begs Price for help Price tries to help him. Rublev dies.

Dixon gives a press conference. They are investigating this murder. Someone asks what will happen to Serenko. He still gets the deal. Price says that though this was a highly unusual case, they feel that justice has been served.

Stabler arrests some more traffickers and beats up a guy who tries to attack him.

Lili doesn't think 20 years is long enough. She wishes there was a way to punish these people so they feel safe. Cosgrove says that's impossible. All they can do is what they can do.

Carisi comes to see Rollins and she takes his hand as Cosgrove says they should focus on the good in the world. Benson walks with Nicole in a garden


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Law & Order Season 22 Episode 1 Quotes

Price: The evidence on Ava's phone at least shows that Rublov was involved in the bombing and the murders.
Sam: And was a rapist and a pedophile.
Price: That too.

Andre: I don't know. I was trying to mind my own business.
Stabler: People who mind their own business go to prison.