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A woman and her teenage daughter are walking through a parking lot when the mother spies a body. She sends the daughter to the car and calls the police.

The dead person was hit with a fire extinguisher. No cameras in the garage due to water damage. Bernard discovers the victim was a judge.

The victim's wife was at a book club and saw nothing.  Her husband was stressed out this morning and the last thing she said to him was that he needed to adjust his attitude. She thinks he was stressed about work.

A clerk says family court is stressful but the judge got a threat the other day on the steps and was rattled.

The cops look at the security footage. A guy came up to the judge on the steps but no one can see his face. They need to ID a woman who was also on the steps.

The woman is identified. Bernard is impressed with her photos with tennis stars. Anyway, she saw the guy attack the judge.

The cops question the suspect, who is a construction worker, and says he's angry because he has lost custody of his child. He claims he was alone all night.

Cosgrove tells Dixon that Wallace lied and that he was out for 5 hours. He lives in t he Bronx and went to the Upper East Side that day. Fixon wants to move fast.

Wallace is brought in. He wants to know if it's suddenly illegal to visit Manhattan. No, but lying to the cops is. Wallace says he went to see his son in violation of the visitation schedule. He took his son to the movies and got ice cream. He paid with a debit card.  The day he attacked the judge, he followed him and saw him go into a hotel.

The cops question a hotel clerk, but there's no record of Keating having checked in. However, the clerk recognizes a picture. She says he was making a speech at a conference. It turns out he was speaking for a scam school -- why did he do that? Bernard says Keating had no savings and credit cards maxed out.  It turns out the judge had a gambling problem and owed a lot of money to bookies. He owed $100G to a Dr. Weissman who wanted his money back right away.

Weissman is brought in. Weissman claims that was just a text and he never got physical. He says he was in dental school for two months but dropped out. He says Keating told him he had the money and met him in the garage to pay up. Meanwhile forensics has recovered a hair on the fire extinguisher. It doesn't match anyone in the system, so Weissman is out.

Dixon has gotten a profile from the hair left behind. Bernard is irked that they never have the money to do this when the victim is poor and black. Anyway they also find out a guy gave a woman, Lucy Mcdaniels, a tennis player, a ride to the garage. Bernard thinks the tennis player is likely to have been able to do it because of her career. Dixon agrees they should try to get a DNA test from Lucy McDaniel

Lucy's trainer doesn't want to interrupt the session for questioning. Cosgrove questions McDaniels anyway. McDaniels' father tries to get in the way. Her father orders her to clam up and ask for an attorney. Cosgrove steals a towel for the purpose of getting Lucy's DNA.

Price and Manhoun tell McCoy there is no direct connection between Lucy and Keating. Nolan is reluctant to try this case without a motive. McCoy tells him to be upfront with the jury.

Price makes an opening statement. Keating's wife cries.

Weissman takes the stand. On cross, the defense tries to point the finger at him.

Price tries to question the driver on the stand. The driver takes the fifth. He is given immunity, which means he has to answer the question.  All of a sudden he refuses to say whether the person he dropped off was Lucy.

Samantha asks Nolan if he checked his email. The defense just changed their defense to not guilty by reason of insanity. Price is dubious.

A Dr. Moore testifies. He says Lucy was a patient at his clinic 2 months ago and she is bipolar I.  He says she was incapable of determining right from wrong because of her mania. He concedes on cross that bipolar disorder doesn't necessarily mean criminal insanity. But Lucy is okay only because she is under guardianship of her father.

Price thinks this is all  connected to motive. Marhoun thinks Lucy killed the judge because she didn't want her father to be her guardian anymore. Pirce said this makes everything more complicated. If she has a guardian the jury will buy that she is legally insane. Marhoun wonders whether Lucy is really that incapacitated. Moore never actually treated Lucy. Price says find the doctor who did treat her.

The doctor tells Samantha that Lucy's father fired her. She was of the opinion that Lucy didn't need inpatient treatment and her father was trying to control her. She also asked the judge to terminate the guardianship. She was fired when she wrote the judge a letter. Keating appears to have been working with Mr. McDaniel to keep Lucy controlled. Lucy was not allowed to marry her boyfriend. Manhoun doesn't think this is murder. Price says the facts are the facts. Marhoun says Lucy was being enslaved. Samantha thinks the judge was corrupt but has no proof. McCoy agrees that it is manslaughter. He thinks Price should try to work something else.

The defense rejects the offer. Price accuses McDaniel of controlling Lucy. He says Lucy will want what he wants.

Price asks the judge to terminate the guardianship. Ms. Newhall says they are not bad people just because they rejected the offer. The judge tells Price to get proof or the motion is denied.

Samantha says that Lucy lost it because her father wouldn't let her get married and blamed the judge. Price agrees with her but there's nothing they can do. Samantha isn't sure about that.

Bernard goes to see Lucy in jail. He tells her about how her father is gambling her future to make himself money. It was her father who prevented her from marrying Jesse. He has transcripts proving it. Lucy didn't even know about the deal the prosecutors offered. If she takes the deal she can be free to live her life. Bernard leaves and Lcuy cries.

In court, Lucy suddenly wants to plead guilty. She defies her father for once. She confesses to killing the judge. She wants to take the deal. 

Marhoun has  started an investigation into Newhall and Mr. McDaniel. Nolan tells her not to go behind his back again or he will fire her.                                                                                                                   

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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 4 Quotes

It's family court. Everyone who walks in is having the worst day of their life.


Bernard: Looks like our D.O.A. was a judge.
Cosgrove: Not the verdict he was looking for.