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Rebekah arrives at a bar to find Hope trying to drink a woman.

They both decide to drink her and Hope thinks her Aunt is just along with her for the ride.

Rebekah tried to dagger her and it works ... but not for long.

The man in the bar tries to kidnap Hope and hand her over to Triad, but he blows up when he tries to tell her everything.

Hope tells Rebekah to leave her alone and that she won't be having a family with her.

Rebekah offers Hope the cure.

Hope leaves and tells the family to leave her alone.

Meanwhile, another last-ditch effort to change things for Alaric results in him in a coma and everyone else in trouble.

Lizzie and Josie are worried they are going too far in their mission but Lizzie gets to meet her father.

Alaric apologizes for everything and tells her he only wanted to make sure they were safe.

Lizzie agrees and let's him drift off.

M.G. and Ethan talk about whether they can be friends after what was going on withLizzie.

They agree to be friends until they need to jump off that cliff that makes them choose who to love.

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I was envious when Niklaus and Hayley had the miracle that is you. But I would give you the cure if you wanted it.


Dear God, please tell me I’m using that word right.