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Everyone is scrambling to find a way to save the super squad.

Hope has a decision but Ted appears and tells her her father will be happy with whatever decision she chooses.

She goes back to Mystic Falls and Malivore has her captured. She escapes.

Kaleb and Ethan are turning people in Mystic Falls into something more.

Kaleb turns into a dragon and goes after Alaric. Hope kills him.

She needs to feed, so Alaric gives her his blood, and she becomes the tribrid.

She quickly fights back against Malivore and he tries to pose as Landon to escape the put with Cleo.

Cleo is too wise for him.

Landon dies kissing Hope and she rushes off.

Josie manages to save Cleo before the end of the Malivore Pit.

Finch manages to put Dark Josie away and Josie and Finch have sex, with fireworks and everything.

Hope meets with Alaric and they converse. She tells him she turned her humanity off and he asks why.

She says she wants to send a message to everyone to not look for her. He wonders what she means and she attacks him.

Malivore or Landon arrive in the other side with Ted. They have no idea how to get out.

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

We both know you have to kill me.


If my father, mother or uncle pass by, tell them not to wait for me,