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Chloe is showering. She flashes back to the strange stuff that's been happening with Lucifer. She hears a door slam, grabs a towel and her gun and investigates. Lucifer is in the kitchen making breakfast. When she raises her gun, she loses the towel. Lucifer is impressed.

Dan and Trixie come in. Dan is not happy. Trixie asks if her and Lucifer had a sleepover. Chloe is flustered. She orders Lucifer out. Dan is just disgusted.

Lucifer barges into Dr. Martin's office complaining about Chloe. She can't talk, because there is a client there. 

Dan returns to Chloe's place. He tells her about a case of a missing girl. He wants her to go undercover with Lucifer.

Lucifer is back in Dr. Martin's office. They are discussing things. She tells him he is letting Chloe have power over her. She suggests he demystify her, take her off the pedestal. He understands and thinks if he has sex with her, he'll be over her.

Chloe and Lucifer are walking down the street. She's giving him information on the case. They argue about having sex.

Lucifer is at the Player convention with Chloe doing surveillance. Lindsay, the missing girl's brother, is there. He is going to be removed, but Lucifer steps in. He talks with the security officer. Chloe tells the brother she's a cop and is investigating his sister's disappearance.  The brother believes that Carver killed her. Chloe assures him that they will get to the bottom of the mystery.

The seminar begins and Carver begins to give his list on how to get women. Lucifer is aghast. In the middle of the presentation, Lucifer gets up to ask what happens if one can't seduce the woman. Carver tells him he hasn't done everything on the list. Lucifer tells the group that he's trying to seduce Chloe and that she's a cop. Carver runs out.

Chloe is not happy. She's on the phone explaining the situation to her boss. 

Maze is at the bar when Amenadiel shows up. He wants her to help him get Lucifer back to Hell. She is not going to help him. They verbally spar, then they fight. He easily takes her down, but she insists that she will not help him.

Chloe comes to Lucifer's apartment to pick him up to go to the Player after party. He greets her in the nude. She is shocked and flustered, but she peeks. Then she turns away. He doesn't understand why she's not jumping all over him. She tells him to put some clothes on. He prances around with the towel on, begging her to look at and admire him. She doesn't.

When he turns, she sees scars on his back. He tells her that he had Maze clip off his wings, the wings his father gave to him. She misunderstands, thinking his father did something to create the scars. She tries to touch them, but he grabs her wrist. That's a no-no.

He leaves to get dressed, and tells her she needs to change.

They arrive at the party. She's wearing a red dress that belonged so someone he bedded. They banter. She tries to seduce guys to see if they were at teh party last week, when the kidnapping supposedly took place. Neither of the guys were there.

They are spotted by Carver. He pulls out a gun. They control him, and take him to Lucifer's apartment. Carver tells them that someone kidnapped Lindsay and is holding her hostage. Lucifer calls the kidnappers and tells them he will give them cash for the girl. Carver talks about how much he loves Lindsay.

Chloe insists on going with Lucifer. They order Carver to stay put.

Chloe and Lucifer pull up to the exchange site. They talk about God and the Devil. She doesn't believe him. She doesn't believe in God. Then they see Carver walking into the factory. They chase after him. Lucifer locks Chloe out. he tells her he made a deal not to bring a cop. 

He catches up with Carver. Chloe gets in. The kidnapper comes in. Carver demands to see Lindsay before they hand over the money. The kidnapper refuses. Lucifer isn't going to give up the money. Carver tells him to give it up. Lindsay shows up and shoots Carver.

Lindsay is angry because Carver broke her virginity a few years ago and he doesn't remember her, even if he is in love with her now. She wants to punish him. Lucifer is not happy. he tells her Carver has changed. he doesn't like what Lindsay is doing and goes after her. They pass a stainless steel industrial something and he flashes his true self. She sees it and screams.

Chloe comes down and she sees the image too. She's shocked. They forget about Lindsay for a moment. Lucifer didn't want her to see him that way, but he tells her that he has been telling her he's Lucifer. 

Lucifer tells her that he is invisible and tells her to shoot him to prove to her he is who he says he is. She does, but he bleeds. He doesn't understand. She feels like a fool.  The cops come in to take control of the situation. Lucifer is talking to Chloe's boss. He explains how she saved the day. She was afraid she was going to get into trouble, but he didn't tell all the truth to the Lt. She is grateful.

At home, Trixie notices the blood on her shirt. Chloe tells her about shooting Lucifer. Trixie says she thinks her mom likes Lucifer.

Lucifer is at the bar. he tells Maze about getting shot. he is not afraid. he's even more intrigued. She suggests they go home. He refuses, telling her the fun's just begun.

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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

It seems obvious now, actually. I need to have sex with her.


People don't have power over us. We give it to them.

Dr. Martin