Lucifer Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Wingman

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Rebellious son, indeed.

If there were any doubts that Lucifer had no intention of returning to Hell, those doubts went up in flames on Lucifer Season 1 Episode 7.

And it's all Amenadiel's fault.

Party on - Lucifer Season 1 Episode 7

While it wasn't necessarily surprising that Amenadiel was behind the disappearance of Lucifer's wings, it was surprising at how quickly Lucifer destroyed what he was so desperately seeking.

Lucifer was seething with rage about his stolen wings, resorting to letting Maze torture people with possible knowledge about his wings' whereabouts,  almost killing the guy he thought responsible for the theft, and even blowing off Chloe to get them back. Chloe!

But in the end, with a quick flick of his cigarette, he said goodbye to those glorious wings. And he did it without any regrets.

Amenadiel's plan definitely backfired. I wonder if that's why he gave the gift of life back to Malcolm?

I was surprised Maze wasn't as upset as I thought she would be when Lucifer told her they were stuck in L.A. I suppose the feather she has hidden in her little silver box has something to do with it. 

Amenadiel and Lucifer working together was the highlight of the hour. DB Woodside and Tom Ellis just clicked. Their interactions were out of this world.

The two were having so much fun at the auction. Their jokes about St. Peter's chains were hilarious, as was Amenadiel's attempt at humor after Chloe and Lucifer's spat when he offered to ask God to make it rain. Lucifer didn't think it was funny, but I did.

Even in the end, when they were fighting on the beach, there was a camaraderie about them. Yes, they are brothers. They made it real.

It was refreshing to not see Chloe and Lucifer all in each other's space and face, which is probably what made their meeting at the Lux so intense, I think. Less is more.

It almost seemed like they were going to kiss when they were sitting at the piano together. It would have fit the moment, but I'm relieved the writers didn't go down that path. 

Chloe had her own case to follow. Since Lucifer was busy, she enlisted Dan's help to dig deeper into the Palmetto murder. Dan and Chloe work well together, and I like that he's making an effort to be a better husband, even though they are currently separated.

I also enjoyed his and Lucifer's interactions at the warehouse during their role play. It was a lot of fun watching them try to outdo each other. I'm not even sure Chloe caught any off it.

It was probably because she was too busy recounting the story in that hokey voice she conjured up back in her bad acting days. She used the same shaky voice at the police station when she spoke at Malcolm's memorial. Is that supposed to make what she's saying more genuine sounding?

Overall, "Wingman" worked on so many levels. While the mystery of Lucifer's wings has been solved, there is still more to explore with his refusal to return to Hell. Although Chloe's case bordered on a case of the week feel, Amenadiel giving Malcolm the gift of life took it up a few supernatural notches. 

As I've said before, Lucifer works so much better when the case of the week takes a backseat, but it's phenomenal when the case of the week doesn't exist at all. Add in the fantastic chemistry between the characters, (Lucifer and Chloe worked much better in smaller doses), and Lucifer knocks it out of the park.

Other Thoughts:

  • Was it just my imagination or did Amenadiel say that if Lucifer was killed by a mortal he'd end up back in Hell anyway? 
  • Did Chloe witness Amenadiel's slowing of time?
  • Lucifer's wings were truly magnificent. Kudos to the special effects/props department for making them look so real. I especially enjoyed Lucifer standing in front of his wings at Carmen's house. Fabulous.
  • The whole light bulb going off in Chloe's head with the secret door was such a blah moment. Of course her and Dan were going to find a secret door at Palmetto. Duh.
  • I think the real reason Amenadiel wants Lucifer back in Hell is because he's tired of guarding those gates himself. Though, if that's the case, how can he spend so much time in L.A.?
  • I loved how much pleasure Maze took in torturing Sergei. Her smile was enormous!

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Wingman Review

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