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There is a case involving a world-famous singer who is in danger when one of her backup singers gets killed.

Lucifer got Ella a World's Greatest Forensic Scientist T-Shirt. Nobody knows why.

Chloe knows Lucifer is reverse Oprah-ing her so he doesn't get close by showing everyone else the love he wants to show her.

While at a session with Linda, Charlotte offers to mediate between Linda and her friend when she learns they are having conflict. That's her thing!

Pauline is employee of the month in Lucifer's world. He's going overboard.

Pierce didn't leave. In fact, he's sitting at Lux having a drink with Dan, who is offering to help him through his troubles.

Lucifer wants to let Pinhead sing and insults Chloe in the process before someone takes shots at Pinhead. 

Lucifer tries to help the chick, but she thinks Lucifer's piano is out of tune and that he can't make a smoothie. 

Chloe accuses Azara's manager of trying to kill the chick. She says maybe the goose is a pain in the ass, and she ain't wrong.

Linda and Maze meet in front of Charlotte to air their grievances. Linda says she's sorry, but Maze doesn't want to go beyond that. 

Linda is angry Maze called dibs on someone she didn't even have feelings for, while Maze stands beside hos before bros.

She doesn't understand why Maze is still holding onto the grudge when Maze slept with half of Los Angeles but Linda gave up the only man she cared for in Los Angeles because of how much she cares about her friendship with Maze.

Lucifer won't have sex with Azara because he doesn't like her. Azara is shocked.

Then Lucifer reveals to her that he's trying to push Chloe away because he's afraid dad's going to come after the people he loves them most. The two actually start getting along.

When Lucifer turns around, Azara is gone.

Chloe thinks poison could have been blended into a smoothie. The manager isn't the killer.

Dan brings Amenadiel over to his discussion with Pierce. Amenadiel wants things to end now. Cain says OK. When Amenadiel is jolly and assured he passed his test, Cain wonders how the hell he stays that way. Faith. Cain thinks he's nuts, but then Azara starts singing "I Will Survive" and Lucifer tries to steal her spotlight.

They finally get two microphones for a true duet. It's hard not to wonder if she isn't a celestial being with the way she competes with Luci.

A girl wanders up pointing a knife. Lucifer was supposed to keep her safe. No offense, darling, but you're the one with the knife.

The girl is a high school friend of Azara who doesn't want to share her. She proclaims her love for the singer and Lucifer realizes she was trying to force her out of the spotlight to keep her safe.

Of course, it's the same thing Lucifer is doing with Chloe. 

Through a ridiculous series of events, Pierce thinks Chloe is his girlfriend, too, and a love triangle is born.


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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Pinhead: Detective, if I hid under a rock every time there was an issue, I'd still be doing bat mitzvahs.
Lucifer: Also, you'd be under a rock. Most unpleasant.

Pierce: It's just life, you know? It's like this eternal wasteland of meaningless existence. A dark void staring down at you like a beaten dog scrounging on the side of the road just waiting to get mowed down by the next tsunami of crap.
Dan: Wow. Hmpf. Maybe we all are just dust in the wind.