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God tells the tale of how he changed things in the story we know so far.

Chloe is still a working actress, and her role is as a police officer. Her father wasn't killed 20 years ago and remains the officer in the family.

Ella is a greasemonkey moving stolen cars.

Lucifer is looking for the killer of a man whose death ruined his Las Vegas Lux deal. Charlotte was helping him expand.

Detective Dildo is alone and has nobody, so he's still a somewhat dirty cop. 

Doing his own detective work is what sets Lucifer onto Chloe's path when he gets to a race track where she seems to be doing her own investigation, as well.

Dan and Charlotte connect even in this world, but over dirty work.

Amenadiel comes to Lucifer's aid when Lucifer pulls a NASCAR driver out of the car mid drive so he can talk to him before Chloe. it doesn't work, though.

Doctor Linda is the therapist to the stars, something she does on her own TV show. When ratings are down, she incites her patients on TV to rise.

Chloe's dad finds out she's been impersonating a cop with that deranged nightclub owner and isn't pleased. Lucifer is in her costar's trailer having sex to get evidence at that moment.

Charlotte breaks into Lucifer's safe to rob him and someone celestial appears behind her. It's Maze. She doesn't care about the money. She cares about why she wants it. If she tells the truth, she'll let her keep it.

Chloe and Lucifer continue solving the murder, and Ella reveals she steals cars because of one of the Bonnie movies. 




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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 26 Quotes

Charlotte: Naughty, naughty Detective Espinoza.
Dan: I'm just making sure the bills are real.
Charlotte: The only way to make sure is to spend it, right?
Dan: Yep.

Dan: But I'll also be watching to make sure you don't sneak out and disappear.
Charlotte: Because you'd miss me if I did?
Dan: You know what? Maybe I would.