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Cain goes to see Lucifer who appears with a chainsaw. Lucifer wants to take the easy way out. Cain has been trying to kill himself since the Bronze Edge. He just regrows like a blue-eyed, square-jawed tapeworm.

Demon steel that can kill even Lucifer doesn't kill Cain, but it sure as hell smarts.

Chloe and Dan are on the case of June, who was woodchipped to death. It was next to a house that they almost bought right after Trixie was born because the neighborhood was so safe.

Lucifer gets Maze involved with Cain's death. We're supposed to believe he alone couldn't figure out to find Cain's vulnerability.

Lucifer plans to Dr. Linda Cain in an attempt to find his vulnerability. He uses the K word.

Chloe definitely has a crush on Pierce.

June's real name wasn't June, but Sandra.

Lucifer hangs around trying to find stuff about Cain. Dan discovers June was a chemist dealing in KPop. Rightfully, Dan thought it was a pop music. Lucifer says it's a new kind of ecstasy.

Maze runs into Charlotte and says she smells incredible. She has a crush on her or something.

Lucifer's bartender serves "the house special," which is KPop.

Chloe says Lucifer can't just walk in and say "hello, drug dealers," and Lucifer does just that but in Korean. Then a KPop band sings a Lucifer song as he walks into a weird Karaoke bar.

Lucifer gets the leader of Korean Power to cooperate fully so he can get Pierce back asap. Chloe is just annoyed.

Lucifer and Pierce shack up as the newest couple on the block.

Charlotte and Dan are on a date when Maze busts in and says, "Hey Sexy," to Charlotte. Dan is into a threesome with them both and things begin to get weird.

When Charlotte says she's been through hell recently, Maze admits that's what was attracting her. The smell of hell. It confuses both of them.

Lucifer and Cain are the best couple on the show. Both real and fictional, I want them to be the focus of the show.

After they argue over the placement of the dip and the crudites, Lucifer storms off and Chloe talks him into returning. Lucifer is really into what's happening. When he returns, Cain is moving the nachos so the salsa doesn't fall into the macaroni and cheese. They reconnect and Lucifer plants a giant kiss on him.

Brian realizes his wife is the killer, then keeps her from signing the guys' guest book. June died by accident, but she chipped her to hide what happened.

Dan tells Charlotte he doesn't want her to be normal, and he'll wait for her.

Cain realizes Lucifer is lonely, too. They're friends and decide to work together to best dad.


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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Pierce: Did your partner just admit to snorting the evidence?
Lucifer: The only thing I admit to being incredibly focused on this case.

I mean, you don't want inferior extasy out there ruining orgies and dub step parties, now do you? Uht! Rhetorical.