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Near the Arizona border, a child complains in Spanish he is hungry. The mother says they are almost there.  They walk and two cops show up. They ask for ID. the woman asks for asylum in Spanish. Later the child is told to go with another cop. The cops say that the cops will just give the boy food and water. The mom promises the child they will see each other soon. The child is taken away and the mother is made to sign a form acknowledging she crossed illegally and told she is under arrest and that her son has been taken to another facility.

Elizabeth is taking tango lessons with Henry for their anniversary but Jay calls. The Arizona governor has instituted a new policy to separate parents and children when immigrants cross the border illegally and now Mexico is backing out of an immigration deal. Elizabeth, Dalton and Russell meet with Governor Barker of Arizona by video chat and he says that he's protecting Arizona and will not let up unless Dalton lowers the immigration cap. He hangs up. 

Dalton, Elizabeth, and Russell discuss their options. They decide to try to get an Arizona senator on board to help them cut funding to Arizona until they get in line with the policy. Elizabeth thinks she can get the senator to cooperate even though he is strongly anti-immigration.

Jay plays basketball with some guys and falls. This pro-legalization guy tries to convince him to decriminalize marijuana and says it will help with border security. Jay tells him to go away.

In court, the judge is not interested in an argument about the Supremacy Clause. The judge wants a full adjudication. The Arizona AG argues that it's a temporary displacement of children. The judge is surprised that Russell is there. Russell says he is a licensed attorney. The judge says it's intimidation and rules against the government without hearing their arguments. Russell goes to see him in chambers and wants to know why. The judge says he hasn't got his appellate seat because Dalton blocked him and that Dalton, Elizabeth, and Russell are ruining the country and won't get their way.

The marijuana lobbyist tricks Nina into trying to get a meeting. Matt explains this to her and tells Blake to fill her in. Blake explains that Winn and Matt were competing for Daisy in the past. He tells her that Winn is ridiculous and don't let him see Jay.

Elizabeth explains to the Congressman that court action could take months. He says Arizona is concerned about border security and wants the Feds to get out of the way of them protecting their state as they see fit. He agrees with Elizabeth that this policy is atrocious but says it's political suicide to go against his own state and he won't do it.

The kids are trying to plan the party. A band cancels.

Henry says that Elizabeth underestimated the Senator's desire to keep his seat. Elizabeth thinks she overestimated the system of checks and balances.Dalton feels powerless. Russell comes in and says he found out the judge has real estate dealings with Governor Barker. He is afraid of what the Withe House will look like if they go after a judge for disagreeing with them. Dalton thinks they should anyway, human rights are at stake.

Carlos meets Jay in the bar and they talk in Spanish. Jay asks him how he can do nothing. Carlos says his parents came here legally.  Jay asks how his parents are any different than the ones who have been separated from their parents. Carlos says they were here legally. Jay points out that people are prejudiced against Latinos. Carlos agrees but says the answer is hard work, not identity politics.

The new judge is about to rule in favor of the federal government but gets a letter that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against this and decides against them.

Mike wants to talk to Russell. Elizabeth says this is not a good time. Mike wants a recommendation letter for his son to go to a private school he's not qualified for.  He also thinks her vow renewal ceremony will be good publicity for her Presidential campaign. Elizabeth doesn't want that. Mike says people would love her if they saw her in a wedding dress.

Dalton tells the Mexican diplomat he will try to help, but the Mexican official says the border security deal as well as their whole relationship is over til this is fixed. Henry says if they can't do everything, at least do something. He thinks Dalton should show the Mexicans the immigration detention centers. Russell is strongly opposed. Elizabeth says she'll do it. Russell says then she might no tbe President if she does that. Elizabeth says this is within the purview of the Secretary of State. Henry agrees.

When Elizabeth and Kat show up there are a lot of protesters demanding a stop to this policy. Kat doesn't mind losing her time with her family for this. They meet the Mexican ambassador, Lopez there. An officer says he is not authorized to allow this. Kat tells him Title 22 requires him to yield immediately. Keegan calls for his boss. Elizabeth says they don't need to get bosses involved. Keegan agrees as long as they surrender their phones.

Winn bothers Daisy and goes on about how bad he feels about Jay. Daisy says she likes staying out of the loop on this. She says she is busy and he has to find someone else to lobby. Winn says his basket has weed for Jay. He goes on about how he did this before and found out that Daisy was cheating on him with Matt. Daisy gets rid of him.

The team goes to the detention center and sees kids locked up. They tour the facility. Children are crying. Elizabeth looks at a child who appears to be about two years old, in shock. She asks if the cop is going to change the kid's diaper. The cop tells her eveyr 3 hours someone comes around. Elizabeth says she will change him herself. The cop won't let her do that.

Kat talks to the little boy from earlier in Spanish. He asks where his mom is. He thinks she's dead because she wouldn't lie to him. 

Governor Barker shows up and says that Elizabeth is trespassing and he has a warrant for her arrest. He apologizes to Lopez for getting dragged into this. Lopez demands the kids be released. Barker tells them to go out the back and not talk to the press.

A priest talking to the protesters blesses Elizabeth. She goes to talk to the press despite Barker's threats. She says she is disgusted by this and it is an affront to this country's values.  Barker shows up and tells her that's enough. She says she will not shut up. The governor orders Elizabeth arrested and the protesters too. Elizabeth is arrested in front of the cameras while her family watches on TV.



Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Jay: Sorry to bother you. I know you're in your tango lesson.
Elizabeth: It's okay. What have you got?
Jay: An earful.

Woman [in Spanish]: Is this the form for asylum?
Cop: [in Spanish]: No. It is an acknowledgement that you crossed the border illegally.
Woman: [in Spanish]: Okay, but is there another form for asylum?
Cop: [in Spanish]: No. You are under arrest. You have to apply for asylum before you enter the United States.
Woman: [in Spanish]: Can I see my son?
Cop: That is not possible. You came here illegally. You have no rights.