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Rusty comes clean about his odd behavior while a 17-year-old case is reopened. 

Sanchez worked a case 17 years ago and Dante, the man who was convicted of the crime, wants Major Crimes to find out who really did it because he claims he did not.

Dante wanted the name of a confidential witness and everyone thinks that's why he wants to reopen the case.

Sharon finds out about Rusty's mother. Rusty says she wants to make amends to everyone for her behavior as a part of her rehab.

Cesar is the witness. He is certain it was Dante he saw with Anna arguing in the park 17 years ago when he heard two shots and she was gone.

Dante is found murdered just days after his release.

A scale and baggies are found under Dante's bed. Perhaps it was a drug kill.

Sanchez feels it's his fault that Dante was killed.

Dante's grandmother has no faith in the system. She lost her son to an unsolved murder and believes the same will happen with Dante.

Anna's brothers gave Dante a physical explanation of how they felt about him going around telling everyone that he wasn't guilty. 

Dante was being protected.

Sharon gets ready to meet Sharon.

Rusty's mom was given a choice, to go to rehab or jail. Sharon Beck apologizes as best as she can to Sharon. She's 45 days into a 60 day program. At 60 days it becomes a choice instead of a sentence. 

Hector Zamora robbed a store with Dante. Amy and Tao get the truth. Dante lied about armed robbery to save Hector from life for three strikes. Hector got it anyway.

Cesar is back in the office. Cesar lied about being near the park. He wasn't even around the park. Somebody was going to kill Cesar if he told the truth. He knows they'll follow through. That's why Dante is dead.

Rusty is confused about his mother, especially because she didn't choose rehab.

Cesar the protected witness not only beat Dante to death, but he also killed Anna.

When he says he changed over the years and is not the same person he was years ago, the look in Sanchez's eyes is frightening.

Rusty wants to wait on seeing his mother, maybe, but Sharon talks him into going because if he doesn't there's always a chance he may never see her again.

Sanchez goes to the house of Dante's grandmother. He tells her Dante was innocent. He also tells her he reopened the case of her son's death and he's doing it on his own time.

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Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I am looking forward to meeting the other Sharon in your life and I'm glad she is in rehab.


Oh God. The Rules. Why did I ask?