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Flynn and Provenza have Buzz take video of a house Flynn is looking at. Provenza is not happy with a broken sprinkler head. Flynn whispers to Provenza that he is thinking about moving in with Sharon. 

The real estate company is owned by Heather, a provocative model.  Apparently the owner of the house died.

Provenza continues to be critical as the tour continues. Buzz finds a body in the pool. It turns out to be Heather.

The rest of the team comes and the real estate agent has negative things to say about Heather, how she took a shower in the home after a sale and stole homes out from other agents. Provenza has a gut feeling something is wrong but doesn't know what and asks Buzz to film everything. 

Flynn was the last to sign in to the guest book.

The ME says the victim wsa 10% synthetic. Even her hair was fake. Great cosmetic work. ME checked fingerprints, it's the real person. She was hit with a heavy, flat object and dragged into the pool and drowned. She wouldn't have died if she was not put in the pool. Sharon wonders why this is a major crime. 

Flynn tells Sharon the house is perfect for them. Sharon must look at the video.

Buzz talks to Provenza about the other video (the one of his dad and uncle's murder). He thinks leads were not pursued. Provenza will look later.

Heather was a serial litigator. She had an eight year old who lived with her parents. Sharon keeps getting annoyed because Flynn seems attracted to Heather's fake body parts.

Provenza wonders if all the people making offers on the house might be suspects. Sharon and Flynn compliment Buzz on jumping into the pool. Provenza tells Flynn he will help him get the house.

Rusty is down on the house. He thinks Buzz blames himself for what happened to his dad and uncle. They had stopped at the atm after buying souvenirs for little Buzz. Sharon still thinks the house is nice.

Provenza implies one of the people bidding on the home is a murderer. There's a ridiculous questionnaire. Some woman starts arguing with and accusing her husband. Sharon is worried about these people looking terrified. Provenza says it can take 3 years to settle this, unless someone confesses. Nobody does.

The ME has found more synthetic stuff in Heather, half of which was black market stuff, probably from South Korea. Surgery was done within past 8 years. No passport activity, so it was done in LA.  Time of death might be wrong because the breast implants made her float more quickly than a normal body. Tao realized the "you" in Heather's texts was a Dr. Yu who performed plastic surgery.

Julio found the child is being well taken care of and was at Disneyland when his mom died.

Provenza is trying to talk to someone on Heather's phone and gets nowhere when the team goes to talk to Dr. Yu, who is actually a marketing specialist. A woman answers the door and locks it when she ifnds out they are cops. Mike and Flynn break in while the woman runs away.

Buzz tackles the woman. The rest go in and find Paula Poundstone.

They walk in on Dr. Yu who is pretending to be an immigrant. Some lady on the table is aware he's not really a doctor but doesn't care. The woman is taken to the hospital and Yu claims he is the best cosmetic surgeon in LA and offers free surgery to Provenza and Flynn after this is cleared up. 

Provenza thinks Heather was blackmailing Dr. Yu. He says she was going to report him if he didn't do what she said. Tao finds out Heather had two emergency contacts who were both listed as her boyfriend.

It turns out Heather lied about who the father of her baby was. One boyfriend is a pompous dentist, who ultimately turns out to be the murderer, but first the team has to investigate the grandparents, as they also had a motive to kill: custody of the little boy.

The dentist is convinced to confess and has a stupid story about how he threw Heather in the water to revive her. The boy is reunited with the other guy, Craig, who is his father, and the father and grandparents agree to work something out.

Meanwhile, Rusty worries he is the way of Sharon and Flynn and Flynn reassures him that he is part of the family.

Flynn and Sharon almost buy the house but then discover it has toxic mold.


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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Oh my God that's Heather! She's dead! In the pool!

Real estate agent

Broken sprinkler head. Bad sign.