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The MCU discusses Lucas' death with the on-site medical examiner and some other cops. They determine that Lucas' body was dumped here. However, he appears to have died of natural causes, most likely because of being deprived of his insulin.. Sharon realizes that if the other two boys aren't dead they may be involved in Lucas' death. She doesn't want to think that and also doesn't want Lucas' death announced yet.

Father Stan tries to stop Provenza from investigating inside the church. Provenza insists on coming in anyway. The press shows up. Provenza complains to the crucifix in the church about this.

Autopsy confirms that Lucas died from complications of diabetes.  Sharon realizes that Lucas would have known he needed to eat in order to try to survive and surmises he was denied food.

The FBI arrives to consult. One of the FBI agents assumes the Diazes were involved in a drug cartel because they were here illegally. FBI wants to tell the other families of Lucas' death. Sharon says they can't know before Lucas' parents know. They agree all three sets of parents should be told at the same time.

The parents are all told and Mrs. Garza is very upset and accuses Father Stan of letting Lucas wander off with the other boys and accuses the other parents of killing her son.

Everyone is suspicious of Father Jonas and Sharon talks to Father Stan and gets him to agree to let Father Jonas talk to the cops. The cops throw a bunch of accusations around and Father Jonas leaves. 

Hobbs tells Rusty she has come to value him and he should get a security detail. He doesn't want one. Instead, he asks Flynn to talk to Sharon about Rusty getting a gun.

Hobbs then meets with the cops and says that their accusation session resulted in a billion new suspects so she can't move forward with the case right now. FBI wants to tap phones. Buzz comes in and tells some awkward lies to cover the fact that he has already tapped the parents' phones.

The recording shows that Ryan's mother called his biological father to demand child support and wanted to know where Ryan was. The cops get a warrant, but Ian is hostile and gets himself arrested by shoving Page. His wife is informed that Ryan is her stepson.

The FBI finds out that Marvin Garrett has a white nationalist website and a million podcasts and Youtube videos of himself shooting his mouth off. Buzz is chosen to go through all that to see if he left any clues.

Sharon tells Rusty she isn't happy about him getting a gun but if he's going to ge tone he needs to learn how to use it. She takes him to the shooting range, where he is overeager and interrupts her lecture to shoot at a paper target.

Ian Nunez turns out to be a dead end. He is shocked to find he is being held for assaulting an officer when Page hit him back harder than he hit her. He wants a lawyer.

They finally get some evidence against Father Jonas when a background check shows he has been transferred from parish to parish six times in a year, suggesting a coverup of childhood sexual abuse. Sharon gets a warrant to search the rectory so a reluctant Father Stan has to let the cops inside. When they search Father Jonas' room, he is gone and Father Stan says he has left the country.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Page: The other boys knew he was diabetic so either they're dead too or they're involved.
Raydor: Not dead. It's too hard to think they're dead. And for official purposes, Lucas Garza isn't either.

Medical Examiner: Without other evidence as trauma, we have to assume that he died of complications of diabetes.
Buzz: Diabetes didn't dump his body here.