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Karnak wakes up the next morning after having made love to Jenn. Reno is loading his gun as he has had enough of Karnak.

He goes to their tent and fires at Karnak who manages to dodge it. But Jenn is not so lucky as she gets shot. They begin to run, but fall in a pit where they find Ted's dead body.

Black Bolt and Medusa are contacted by Medusa by using one of Auran's soldiers. Medusa tells Maximus that Black Bolt will have a "few words" with him when they return to Attilan.

Lockjaw is starting to feel better and Crystal is ready to depart. Dave's ex-girlfriend doesn't believe Lockjaw is ready yet. 

Dave goes with Crystal as Lockjaw teleport away. Elsewhere, Declan is examining a dead Inhuman.

Gorgon is continuing to look for Karnak in the woods. In a flashback, Gorgon and Karnak are disagreeing about Gorgon's idea to plant a flag on the moon.

Reno gets confronted by his colleagues who shot him in the head. They begin to look for Karnak and Jenn whose condition is getting worse.

Back at Attilan, Maximus gets help by Tibor to select Inhumans powerful enough to send to Earth. He can't let Black Bolt and the others return.

Karnak tries to take care of Jenn's injury to decrease the pain. He uses a technique to get the bullet out and patch her up.

Declan is examining the DNA of the dead Inhuman. The other body begins to wake up and it's Auran who starts healing herself.

She begins to strangle Declan and demands to learn where she can find Black Bolt. Declan's colleague tries to kill Auran, but she stabs him in the eye.

Jenn and Karnak try to sneak back into the tent to get supplies. Auran contacts Maximus who tell her that Declan is valuable to him.

Karnak realizes that someone else has been to camp since they originally left. The other farmers return as Karnak tells Jenn to hide.

Crystal and Dave arrive at a beach on the island. She begins to tell him more about life on Attilan.

Karnak takes on the farmers by himself. He manages to take them down and as Karnak and Jenn try to get away, one of them knocks Karnak out.

Black Bolt and the group are still looking for Gorgon and Karnak in the woods. Maximus is given a list of Inhumans the council member believes are strong enough. 

Gorgon sees a smoke signal and begins to run toward it. Karnak wakes up and is being hung upside down.

They begin to torture him as Gorgon shows up to help his cousin. He helps Jenn too as the three of them escape.

As they run further into the woods, they are found by Black Bolt and Medusa. Jenn however, bids Karnak farewell and takes off.

Locus, who helped Black Bolt and Medusa, collapses due to a fatal wound. With her last words, Locus asks Black Bolt to be the king Attilan deserve and tells Medusa that Crystal is on the island.

Back at Attilan, Tibor is confronted by a group of black-hooded men. They ask him to help them take down the false king of Attilan: Maximus.

Marvel's Inhumans
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Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Medusa: Hello Maximus.
Maximus: Medusa...great, you have Locus.
Medusa: You better not have hurt my sister.
Maximus: Crystal is...I'd never harm her. I don't want to hurt any of you.
Medusa: Is that why you sent Auran and her soldiers, why you released Mordus because we put him down too!
Black Bolt says that when he gets home, he wants to have a few words with you.
Maximus: Tell my brother...I look forward to the family reunion.

Karnak: How do I act on a plan when I feel this doubt?
Jenn: You just make the best decisions that you can. Everybody has doubts.
Karnak: I don't doubt anything that I do. At least, I didn't before I hurt my head.
Jenn: You know the people who don't feel doubt are the scariest people on this planet, right?
Karnak: Why?
Jenn: Because doubts are our friend. It makes us question things, helps us find new solutions. Only crazy fanatics don't feel doubt.