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Coco's funeral arrives, and Leti tells everyone she doesn't believe they helped her father.

Later in the day, she returns to find that Hope has left.

She finds her, about to take drugs, and tells her to get in the car that she was given.

E.Z. is almost killed by the Sons while out with Sofia.

He brutally kills them all.

He realizes they need to make a big change if they all want to survive, so he exorcised the Kill Switch and takes over the Mayans.

He says there will no longer be charters, just California and anyone who gets in their way will be an enemy.

Alvarez leaves when it happens and says he's done with them.

Angel tells EZ he's changed and he doesn't even recognize him anymore.

They go back and forth.

Miguel tries to kill Felipe, but Felipe says that he's his father.

Miguel manages to get his son back and calls Emily to tell her that he forgives her and that she needs to come home.

Katie tells Creeper that she can help him if he turns on the Mayans.

He takes the blame for everything, leading to a shocking turn of events.


Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Angel: Is that a threat?
EZ: Do you think it is?

I want this person as a leader. I want you to be my Vice President, Bishop.