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We missed Modern Family so much. Here were the three storylines that welcomed up to season two:

- Phil and Claire sold the old station wagon, the car that brought them so many memories. Because Claire was so choked up about time passing by, Phil arranged one final family outing int he vehicle. But it didn't go very well, as Luke almost threw up on his sisters, the doors got stuck on the car and other mishaps went down.

Worse, and most hilariously of all, the car rolled away and crashed once everyone got out. But at least it did give the family one final memory, as the episode ended with the kids recounting the day's events and laughing about them.

- Manny had a study date with a girl named Kelly, and Gloria reacted very poorly to it. She was NOT a fan of Manny growing close to another female, but he didn't stick with Kelly very long. By the end of the episode, he realized he wants a girl who liked him for who he was.

- Cam and Mitchell were intent on building a princess castle for Lily. But Cam called Jay for help because Mitchell is a lot more dangerous with tools than he realizes. Still, he was the one who ended up completing the castle... only to get himself stuck inside of it. Funny stuff.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Manny: Kelly's moving her stuff into my notebook.
Kelly: It just felt right.

Every home-improvement project we've undertaken has been a near-death experience.