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Jay agrees to fill in on Cam's bowling league, only to find out later that it's an all gay bowling league. Cam's rival doesn't believe Jay is gay, so Jay has to try and act the part.

Mitch and Gloria plan to go clubbing with Haley, but they don't realize that they'll be pre-gaming for so long before they go out.

Meanwhile, Claire and Phil agree to go to dinner with their neighbors, and they realize their neighbors are full of surprises.

Mitch and Gloria try to keep themselves a week while waiting to go to the club, but they fall asleep on the couch instead.

Jay continues to try and play the part of being gay, using his insecurities about his Cosco photo to his advantage.

Haley wakes Gloria and Mitch and takes them to the club, but they quickly realize they aren't going to have a good time.

Claire and Phil head home with their neighbors after having an awkward conversation, then they decide to try to remove the scandalous statue across the street. Phil is against the idea, but in his attempt to drive away, he instead runs backwards over the statue.

After winning the trophy for Cam's team, Jay makes the mistake of telling one of the men he isn't gay after all.

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Haley: I hope I can be as cool as you guys in 30 years.
Gloria: Does she think we're fifty?
Mitch: No, she's just really bad at math.

When it comes to wine, this woman doesn't see color. She'll drink anything you put in front of her.