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Claire is working on spring cleaning and wants to get rid of Phil's banjo, and he's sad to learn she never liked his playing.

Meanwhile, Gloria is trying to give up soap operas so Jay will give up smoking cigars.

Cam and Mitch are worried about Lily, who is away from them for the first time.

Alex goes with Haley to a music festival, and Haley helps Alex to cut loose by giving her a Long Island Iced Tea.

Phil tries to teach Luke a trampoline trick, but he can no longer do it. Luke then does it perfectly. Claire uses Phil's feelings of inadequacy manipulate him into doing chores.

Phil finds a bra in Luke's room.

Haley loses Alex at the concert, then finds out Alex didn't get into Harvard. Haley finds Alex dancing on stage.

Phil confesses his feeling to Luke, who tries to make him feel better. Then Luke admits the bra was there because he was practicing unhooking it.

Haley tells Alex that she won't always come in first and that she needs to learn to power through it. It's a really sweet pep-talk.

Cam performs in a production of Cats, but he's worried everyone will think he sabotaged Kaplan. Then Gloria uncovers the truth that Kaplan sabotaged himself.

Mitch goes to Lily's camp to get her, but she's having a great time. The kids talk him into telling a ghost story.


Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Wait, does that mean you also didn't like my bagpiping? Is that why we have Luke?


Luke: What are you constantly looking at on your computer?
Alex: Is that a question you really want people asking around here?